Thursday, December 8, 2005

December 8th, Take It in the Ear Day

Well, according to several sources, I am finding that December 8th is Take It in the Ear Day. However, I am NOT finding an explaination for what Take It in the Ear Day means, or how we are supposed to celebrate it. Since it is December, it could mean that we take the occasional snowball thrown at us in the ear... one of my least favorite places for them to land. It could be a theoretical ear, and we are supposed to speak our minds to someone who deserves it today? Maybe we are just supposed to explore our ears, or our friends ears. I would not however, encourage wet willies today. It's too freaking cold in Utah for that; the spit might freeze inside. EEEWWW!!!!

Okay, since we cannot appropriately celebrate today's holiday, let's focus on confusing the people around us by using non-idomatic vocabulary.'s word of the day is: sylvan \SIL-vuhn\, adjective:
1. Of or pertaining to woods or forest regions.
2. Living or located in a wood or forest.
3. Abounding in forests or trees; wooded.

1. A fabled deity or spirit of the woods.
2. One that lives in or frequents the woods or forest; a rustic.

They probably picture it as a kind of modest conservatory, set in sylvan splendour in some charmingly landscaped garden.
--Sally Vincent, "Driven by daemons," Guardian, November 10, 2001

I like that word. It has such a poetic feeling. I am not sure how I am going to work it into my workday... but I will. :)

The Worthless Word of the Day is glisk

[origin unknown] chiefly Scots
1) a glimpse 2) a gleam or glimmer
3) a brief moment: instant

"...for I chanced to obtain a glisk of his visage,
as his fause-face slipped aside - that he was a
man of other features and complexion..."
- Walter Scott, Rob Roy (1817)

I love to have Scottish words to increase my vocabulary. I wish that I had the personality to say them with all the brammer of Mike Meyers. But, I am afraid that any true Scot would just look at me and say "I dunnae ken ya. Sounds like a seagull screchin on a wire." I'm afraid that the only thing that I inherited from my Scottish ancestors is the ability to make a really good shortbread.

Which reminds me... this week is Cookie Cutter Week, and Recipe Awareness for the Holidays Week. If the vocabulary challenge is too much for you today, go home and make some cookies after work tonight.

If that is still not your cup of tea... December is Read a New Book Month, Book List; Spiritual Literacy Month; National Tie Month (so let your sister buy you a new tie); National Stress-Free Family Holiday Month (anyone have any ideas for that one?); and Universal Human Rights Month

So, go out there and read-a-new-cookie-book-that-will-increase-your-spiritual-enlightenment-while-celebrating- your-rights-to-wear-your-stress-free-holiday-tie

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