Saturday, August 5, 2006

The Weeks of August

The Weeks of August

August 1st-7th
Simplify Your Life Week; World Breastfeeding Week; National Fraud Awareness Week;

August 4th-14th
Smile Week; Exhibitor Appreciation Week; Psychic Week; Don't Wait! Celebrate! Week; Hosiery Week; Elvis Presley Week;

August 13th-21st
Thanks For all Gifts Week; Volvo Car's "Buckle Up" Week; Knights of Columbus Family Week; Aviation Week; Resurrect Romance Week; Weird Contest Week;

August 20st-28th
Friendship Week; Religious Software Week; Save Your Smile Week;

August 27th- September 3rd
Be Kind To Humankind Week; Sobriety Checkpoint Week


Tolkien Boy said...

I'm afraid I can't save my smile on my birthday week!

Absent-minded Secretary said...

Happy Birthday early! And Happy Month of Tolkien Boy!