Tuesday, July 4, 2006

July Is.... Month

July is the seventh month of the year, named for Julius Caesar. In the northern hemisphere, July is usually the warmest part of the summer, and sometimes is called the dog days of summer, because of the rising of Sirius, the "dog" star. The full moon during July can have many names, Buck Moon, Blood Moon, Sturgeon Moon, Hay Moon, or the Full Thunder Moon. (My favorite is the Full Thunder Moon.)

Most of July's monthly celebrations seem to involve picnic-food. Maybe that means that we should all quit work and go on picnics every afternoon. Sweet! Anyone want to dare me?

National American Beer Month; Anti-Boredom Month; National Baked Bean Month; Blueberries Month; National Boredom Month; Cell Phone Courtesy Month; National Corn Month; National Doghouse Repairs Month; Family Reunion Month; National Grilling Month; Herbal Remedy Month; Hitchhiking Month (not safe); National Home Inspector Appreciation Month; National Horseradish Month; National Hot Dog Month; National Hyperhidrosis Education Month; National Ice Cream Month; National Purposeful Parenting Month; National Picnic Month; National Parks and Recreation Month; Prescription Awareness Month; National Read An Almanac Month; Roots and Branches Month; Smart Irrigation Month; Social Wellness Month; National Voluntary Blood Donation Month (so tell the mosquitoes to go away, you are not volunteering); National Tennis Month; National UV Safety Month; National Wheelchair Beautification Month; Women's Motorcycle Month

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