Friday, September 1, 2006

The Weeks of September

The weeks of September

September 1st-7th

National Tools of the Trade Week; Waffle Week; Self University Week; International Enthusiasm Week; Childhood Injury Prevention Week; Full Employment Week

September 3rd-10th

National Full Employment Week; National Letters from Mom Week ;National Play Days (Perfect for the Shakespeare Festival!);

September 8th-16th

Suicide Prevention Week; No Bully Week; Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness; Minority Enterprise Development Week; Habitat for Humanity's International Building on Faith Week; Assisted Living Week; International Children's Week; International Housekeepers Week; National 5-A Day Week; Protecting Your Home Furnishings Week; Substitute Teacher Appreciation Week; Building on Faith Week; Improve Your Home Office; America Goes to School Week; Emergency Preparedness Week

September 15th-22nd

Love Your Files Week; City Tripping Week; Clean Hands Week; Balance Awareness Week; Farm & Ranch Safety and Health Week; Build A Better Image Week; National Farm Animals Awareness Week (Let's just be aware of them, okay, especially since it's; National Singles Week; National Constitution Week; National Rehabilitation Week; National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Week; National Prostrate Cancer Awareness Week; National Love a Mensch Week; Lunch Prowl Week; Substitute Teacher Appreciation Week; but probably the most important week is Tolkien Week

September 21st-30th

Banned Books Week; Chimney Safety Week; Adult Immunization Awareness Week; Religious Freedom Week; National Deaf Awareness Week; Go Wild During California Wild Rice Week; National Dog Week; National Angel Week; National Take Charge of Your TV Week; National Nuclear Medicine Week; Teller Appreciation Week; Snack a Pickle Time Week


Master Fob said...

Tolkien Week? Why does Tolkien Boy get his own week? When is Fob Week?

Absent-minded Secretary said...

If I were to make a random guess, it would be because Frodo's and Bilbo's birthdays are in September.

So, for Fob week, we just need the birthday of one of your favorite characters.

Just let me know and I will make a Fob week. And because I am the Absent-minded Secretary, I can make it happen. At least in my internet world. :)