Tuesday, June 2, 2009

National Leave The Office Early Day

National Leave The Office Early Day

On a beautiful day in June, there are many reasons to leave the office early. Personally, I'm hoping for a major thunderstorm to knock out the power. No power, no way to do work. Of course, that would inconvenience the most while conveniencing the least. For me, today won't work as an early day unless it's becomes a universal leave the office early day. But, for anyone else, today could easily become a tradition. Just as a reminder that summer is soon her, and it just won't be the summer if we all are working a little too hard.

Hope you get to leave early!


Soccer Dad said...

Nice to see a post again! Welcome back!

Th. said...


Why didn't you tell me earlier!

laura said...

I should have left the office early! (And by that I mean I should have informed the baby it was a special sort of holiday so he would have to fix his own dinner, sweetie.)
I would have gotten a pedicure. Missed opportunities like this haunt me.