Monday, November 20, 2006

Should I Stay or Should I Go...

-Round trip cost to drive to Portland, OR from Pleasant Grove, UT ......$140
-Round trip cost to fly to Portland, OR, from Salt Lake City, UT .....$292
& seven days airport parking ......$45
-Four used vacation days that I can save up for the forever-planned-but-never-taken trip to NYC.
+++++I will see my niece. (And my brothers and parents and aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents.)
+++I will go to the beach.
+I can shop at Lush.


+++No driving through snowy mountain passes.
+++No crowded airports.
++I get to make yummy pies.
+I won't miss extra work because I am exhausted from driving, or from airport delays, or from missing my flight. (I am a bad line-time-estimator.)
--I will miss the best sales b/c I will feel obligated to work the day after Thanksgiving, b/c right now there are only 3 people staffing the office.
+I might be able to juggle two or more Thanksgiving dinners, b/c I have been invited to several.
+ I get to spend a day with the people I love in Utah.


Edgy said...

Excuse me, but why are we even having this discussion? You and I both know that you will be going to Park City for Thanksgiving. End of discussion. If you feel you must put in an appearance at your grandmother's, then so be it, so long as you're not late for dinner.

And you don't have to go in to work on Friday. I'm sure I could come up with something to occupy your afternoon. Maybe painting the kids' bedroom. (We bought paint tonight.)

Absent-minded Secretary said...

Ooh, Painting sounds fun. And I do want to go to Park City. I am a torn woman.

If I put in an appearance at the grandmothers to which I have been invited, I will need to drive 1600 miles round trip. Other grandmother, the local one, has not invited me to anything yet.

Today, both brothers have petitioned for me to come. One so that the familiy can be all together in the same room for the first time since he got married; the other so I can be the first family member to meet his family-shy girlfriend. One wants a family picture, the other wants me to sneak off and meet the girl. One wants to spend days leisurly at the beach, and so does the other.

Did I mention that they are both Tauruses too?

Can you see my decision making abilities are frozen?