Thursday, November 2, 2006

Men Make Dinner Day, November 2nd

National Men Make Dinner Day

Every first Thursday in November is Men Make Dinner Day. I know this because Edgy told me so. There was this article in the Salt Lake Tribune that explains some of the rules, but there is this whole website that explains lots of rules and even gives menu suggestions.

I have mixed feelings about this day. Mostly, because I know a lot of guys that cook, and so I don't think this is a very fair day.

Both of my brothers cook. Once, when my brother was single and living in the same town as me he called me up to get a recipe, and to borrow brown sugar, so he could make a dessert for his girlfriend. My roommates would not believe my little eighteen-year old brother, who lived mostly on frozen burritos, was going to attempt to make the semi-gourmet dessert recipe I read to him over the phone. So, he made two, and brought one over to my house for me and my roommates.

Have I mentioned that I miss having my brother around?

The other brother is a professional river raft guide and likes to be in charge of the food on multi-day trips. And he is very picky about ingredients. Which I think is really cool. We can talk about organic milk and vintages of olive oil for hours. Well, maybe not hours. I have been known to exaggerate.

I could brag about my brothers for pages on end, but I probably should get back to my rambling thoughts about National Men Make Dinner Day. Apparently, this day is for women who cook for their men, so that the women can have a day off. What about the women who don't cook, or the women who don't have men to cook for them? This is such a difficult day to celebrate. It singles out such a specific group of people. And come on, it's the 21st century, female gender isn't the only gender responsible for preparing a home-cooked meal anymore.

Personally, I really love it when a guy cooks for me. In fact, I find it really, really attractive when a guy cooks for me. And if a guy doesn't know his way around at least one dish in the kitchen... meh.

A guy who cooks is very sexy, and a guy who cooks can convince me to eat things I wouldn't normally eat. I once ate a spoonful of wasabi because the boy who made me sushi told me that was how you ate wasabi. That was first time I tasted wasabi. It was also the first time I tasted sushi, but that story isn't as exciting because the sushi didn't make me cry. I really shouldn't be telling that story because that boy is dead to me now.

Maybe I should focus on guys who don't cook. Because, it really is their day today. The guys that I have known that don't cook just eat lots of cereal and spaghetti. Maybe I should just have cereal for dinner to celebrate not having a boyfriend who doesn't cook for me.


Master Fob said...

Dear Absent-minded Secretary,

Help! I want to celebrate Men Make Dinner Day, but November 2nd is the day my wife is making me a special dinner for my birthday (because I'll be working on November 3rd). What should I do?


Conflicted in Seattle

Absent-minded Secretary said...

Dear Conflicted in Seattle,

It seems that Men Make Dinner Day is a fairly mobile holiday as it is celebrated not on a specific date, but always the first Thursday in November. As such, mobile holidays can, in my opinion, be celebrated when convenient, like Columbus Day. Some people who recieve Columbus Day as a day off of work celebrate it on the second Monday of October. Other people who don't recieve the day off work, or who are traditionalists celebrate Columbus Day on October 12th.

Therefore, I think that you have the freedom to choose whichever day you want to celebrate Men Make Dinner Day, and the spirit of the holiday will follow.

Sincerely, and Happiest of Birthday Wishes,

Absent-minded Secretary

Master Fob said...

Dear Absent-minded Secretary,

Thank you for your advice, sound as ever. I don't know how I'd solve my holiday-related crises without you!


Not So Conflicted Anymore