Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas Procrastination

After I finished wrapping presents today, the presents that I have, and then made a list of the presents that I still need to get. I was feeling very good about my self. I looked at my tree, with the books wrapped nicely underneath and I felt relaxed, and unrushed. I start taking mental note that I am mostly done with the Christmas rush, just waiting for some orders to arrive, and that I need to go get a few more final touches for some of the special presents.

I have four Christmas parties down, one cancelled and two to go... not bad for scheduling purposes. Not over scheduled, not under scheduled. Just right.

I just sat and thought that I was so far ahead of where I was last year, until I read this. Yep, on Bake Cookies Day last year I was all done with my Christmas shopping.

Obviously, there are some issues that I need to face regarding procrastination.

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