Friday, December 22, 2006

National Yarmulke Day, December 22nd

National Yarmulke Day

Soccer Dad let me know about National Yarmulke Day last month, so I would be sure to remember... and I almost forgot with all the excitement of the BYU/Oregon Bowl Game last night. (I just didn't know who to cheer for, but I decided to go with the better looking uniforms... which was my alma mater, not my native soil. Oregon's uniforms, I am sad to say, look too small on the players, and have some sort of pattern that makes the poor boys look like they got ironed with a running board on a big rig.)

But, never fear, even though Absent-minded Secretary is Absent-minded, she still is the Secretary of the Almanac and will not let a day pass without celebration of some sort.

I was a little hesitant to celebrate National Yarmulke Day because I did not know if women should wear the Yarmulke, and I didn't want to be disrespectful. Soccer Dad explained to me that wearing a yarmulke is a custom and not a law, and is primarily a male custom, but women are not restricted from wearing them. He said,

Most Orthodox Jewish men wear them - or another head covering - as a reminder of the One who's above them (us.)

It wouldn't be sacrilegious for a non-Jew to wear one; often when a non-Jew enters a synagogue he will put one on as sign of respect.
National Yarmulke Day is the creation of a 16-year-old student from New York. "Dan T" first initiated Yarmulke Day in 2003. He stated,
"Yarmulke Day is on the day before Winter Break when students of all races and religions wear Yarmulkes or Yamikas it sounds better. It all started when teachers waved the no hat policy for those Santa hats so I thought well then I want to wear a hat too. This year in New Paltz/The World Yarmulke day is December 22nd. The best part of this is Yarmulke are not considered Holy items like a Torah, and legally they can’t tell you to take it off. So show some support and add this profile to your top friends list! I am not sure how you want to look at this holiday, its either school rebellion or a peace statement or both Thanks." (
So, please, everyone, in the spirit of the holidays, as a peace statement, and to show holiday unity, join me in wearing a Yarmulke!

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Soccer Dad said...

I forgot about this.
I guess the absent-minded programmer.
Thanks for remembering!