Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Fortune Cookie Day, Postive Thinking Day, Defy Superstition Day, September 13th

Fortune Cookie Day

When I was eighteen years old, two weeks away from starting my sophomore year of college, on the second declared major of my college career, I opened a fortune cookie that stated that I would be married within the year.

Interestingly enough, I could have married someone that year. It would have been for the wrong reasons, but I often wonder had I made that choice, would now I be the mother of four kids, living the perfect suburban life.

And would I be happier?

And would I have stuck with my Environmental Geology major just to get through school quickly?

And how would my life be different without five myth, legend, and folklore-type classes under my thinking cap. Would I have my weird obsession with frogs?

Am I becoming the crazy frog lady?

Positive Thinking Day

I am not the crazy frog lady. I am not the crazy frog lady. I am not the crazy frog lady. I am not the crazy frog lady. I am not the crazy frog lady.

Defy Superstition Day

The Top Ten Frog Superstitions to Defy Today

  1. The dried body of a frog worn in a silk bag around the neck will prevent fits. (Not sure how you are going to practically apply this defiance- but have fun!)
  2. A frog brings good luck to the house it enters by it's own will.
  3. A cure for thrush is to hold a live frog with its head in the patient's mouth. As it breaths, it draws the disease out of the throat of the patient and into itself.
  4. Frogs eyes hold the souls of dead children (Sounds like we need to dissect some frog eyes today!)
  5. Warts can be cured by rubbing a frog across them.
  6. Shiny skinned frogs predict fine weather.
  7. Dull skinned frogs predict rain.
  8. Frogspawn at the edge of a pond mean storm's a commin'.
  9. A woman of childbearing years should not touch a frog as it will cause her to be infertile
  10. To kill a frog is very, very bad luck (Are we all forever cursed from our high school Biology classes?)
  11. Cure a toothache by spitting into a frog's mouth and ask it to carry the pain away.
  12. Kiss a frog to find your prince.
  13. Or if that doesn't work, and your lover is untrue, stuck pins all over a living frog and then bury it. The young man will suffer extreme pains and eventually returned to you. Dig up the frog and remove the pins. The pain will cease. The man will then, (perhaps rather unwisely, you little manipulator) marry you.
And if you doubt those last two, here are some other superstitions that you can defy regarding marriage, and finding your one true love. Although it seems they are most effective during All Hallows Eve. And thank goodness we know about them now, otherwise we would not have time to collect the rosemary, corn stalks, sixpences, cabbage patches, and snails that we need for the experiments!

  1. The first person to bite an apple while bobbing for apples will be the first to marry.
  2. It was said that if a girl put a spring of Rosemary and a sixpence under her pillow on Halloween, her future husband will reveal himself to her in a dream.
  3. If a young person eats a raw or roasted salt herring before going to bed, the future spouse will appear in a dream and offer a drink of water. (Presumably because you will be thirsty from eating salt herring.)
  4. Peel an apple in a continuous strip. When is falls to the floor, it will reveal the letter of a future husband.
  5. Sweep the stack around the base of a corn stack with a broom three times. On the third time around, your future partner will appear.
  6. Blindfolded girls go out in pairs to the fields to pull the first cabbage they can find. This will reveal things about their future husbands.
    • If there is much earth attached to the root, they will have plenty of money.
    • But if there is only a little earth, they will be poor.
    • The taste of the heart of the cabbage will reveal whether the man will have a sweet or sour disposition.
7. Catch a snail on Halloween night and place it on a flat dish. In the morning you will see the first letter of your future sweetheart written in snail's slime.

Well, I hope that you all Powerfully Defy your Superstitions and Think Fortuitously Upon Cookies today!

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Anonymous said...

An old European belief tells that the souls of dead children were carried by frogs and that as a result it was very unlucky to kill one. Usually the child was thought to have died when very young. Some country folk in Europe believed that the strange croaking call made by the animal were the strained sounds of the child attempting to speak. To hear this call during the day was thought to be an omen of rain.