Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween!, Books for Treats Day, Carve A Pumpkin Day, October 31st

It's Halloween!

I am upset with blogger because it lost what I spent hours writing up for today. Stupid blogger. So this will be a short post, when it should be a long one about the traditions and other cool things about Halloween. But, there is plenty out there on the web if you feel that you need more information about Halloween. But, all we really need to know is that it is fun.

Books for Treats Day

Book treats! What a novel idea! Honestly, I wish that Books for Treats Day was popular when I was a kid. This would have kept me happy for months after Halloween. So, don't give out candy, give out treats for the imagination!

Carve A Pumpkin Day

If you haven't already, you really should carve a pumpkin today, because if we weren't carving pumpkins, we would be carving turnips, which I think would be very hard. If you don't believe me, read the history of Jack O' Lanterns. Or, if you are a frutarian, you probably want to tell people about the horrors eating vegetables like pumpkins, and doing useless things like carving them, so watch this video.

Whatever you end up doing or reading today, have a happy and safe Halloween!


Anonymous said...

Be careful. Blogger keeps track of who's saying bad things about it and targets naysayers for random post deletion.

(MF posting anonymously so Blogger doesn't recognize me)

Absent-minded Secretary said...


Absent-minded Secretary said...

MF, I thought you were joking, but I just tried to comment on someone's blog and blogger wouldn't let me!

pelagus said...


just to let you know... pumpkins are fruits, so not problem about fruitarian's reactions ;)

Anonymous said...

I warned you.