Friday, March 2, 2007

Friday in Lide, March 2nd

Friday in Lide

According to my Forgotten English Calendar of Vanishing Vocabulary and Folklore, Friday in Lide is an old Celtic tradition that takes place on the first Friday in March. Lide is Anglo-Saxon work for March, according to my Forgotten English calendar, but not according to the online Anglo-Saxon dictionary. If you worked in the tin mines in Cornwall, on Friday in Lide you would send your laziest tin worker up to the highest hillock to take a nap. The amount of time that he slept would determine the length of the tin workers' afternoon break for the next twelve months.

Have I ever mentioned that I love Cornish traditions and that I think we should implement more of them in the U.S.? Well except for pasty. It's a bit too dry for my taste.

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