Friday, March 23, 2007

Nice Fragrance Day, March 23rd

Nice Fragrance Day

So, this morning when I packed for my work-related trip to Springdale, Utah, I was not very awake, and it is obvious by what I am finding in my suitcase, and more importantly, what I am not finding in my suitcase.

For example, I did not pack any of these pretty essential items:

Underwear, yes, no underwear,
Socks, or
Any type of outerwear like a coat or sweatshirt.

But, I did pack:

Four Books, (for a four day work trip)
Two different kinds of bath salts,
Two kinds of shampoo,
Two kinds of bath soap,
My expensive but favorite scented lotion that I never travel with because I don't want to loose it,
Two DVDs, (This is the weirdest addition. I have never traveled with DVDs.)and
Six pair of pants- for a four day trip

Yeah, I'm an awesome packer.

But, at least I will be as bathed as thoroughly as is humanly possible, and will smell good because all my scents match.

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