Thursday, May 10, 2007

Clean Up Your Room Day, May 10th

Clean Up Your Room Day

Today is Clean Up Your Room Day, and what perfect timing it is for clean up your room day, because today is the first day of spring. In Absent-minded Almanac world, spring has not sprung until the first time I hear the song "Dreams" while I am driving in my car with the windows down. Last night while I was driving north on I-15 with my windows down, on my way to celebrate Day Four of the Week of Edgy, I heard the song. Anyway, now it's spring, and now we can begin spring cleaning.

I believe that to do anything correctly, I must first read about how other people do the same thing, because, who knows, I could have been cleaning my room the wrong way my whole life! I mean, when I clean my room I usually begin with dusting the bookshelves. Then, after I have read two books that I had forgotten that I haven't read, I remember that I was going to clean my room... last week. So, maybe there is a more efficient way to clean one's room.

The first place to look when you want to learn how to do something is Now, Wikihow does have several entries about how to clean and organize, but I was drawn to an entry titled How to Clean Your Room. This article has a very interesting suggestion for all of us who are procrastinators by nature.

Pretend that mutant aliens are coming and if the room is not clean in (insert time) you are doomed.
I had never thought of this approach before. I thought that I was being creative when I was seven and I made my younger brothers take turns being Cinderella while I was the evil step-mother so I wouldn't have to clean. Yes, I was one of those mean older sisters.

While I would like to be able to tell you that I am going to try the "Alien Deadline for Room Cleaning" tonight, I must be honest. I will probably just sit on my couch and watch The Office while eating cancer causing microwave popcorn.


Edgy said...

Damn it. I was going to clean my house tonight, since I was out of town this last weekend and didn't clean it then, and, as you are painfully aware, my house is in desperate need of cleaning.

But then I just walked Puppy and decided that it's too hot to clean the house, so I wasn't going to. Instead, I was going to watch How I Met Your Mother and Heroes.

Now, after reading your blog, I find that I now have to clean my house. That sucks.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

Your house is fine. Don't clean it, or you will make me feel guilty for watching Scrubs and The Office.

But, if you do clean, and you find a makeup brush and some facial lotion that aren't yours, um, they are mine.