Monday, October 16, 2006

Dictionary Day, October 16th

Dictionary Day

So, you don't know what to do on Dictionary Day? According to this press release:

"people everywhere will be
putting decorations on their dictionary trees, hiding dictionaries for
dictionary hunts, proudly flying their dictionary flags, and going
door-to-door reading dictionary entries aloud for candy." (Gather 'Round the Lexicon - Sunday is Dictionary Day! PR Newswire)

If you didn't prepare for Dictionary Day by decorating your dictionary tree, preparing a dictionary hunt or flying dictionary flags, don't worry, just dust off your favorite board game, Balderdash (okay, it's my favorite board game) grab a few friends, and play a few rounds.

If you don't have Balderdash, that's okay, before there was Balderdash, there was the parlor game called "Dictionary" (check out the rules here). All you need is a fairly large dictionary, (the brainier your crowd, the better to have a BIG dictionary), a few pencils, and some paper without any distinguishing charactistics, and good group of friends with creative thinking caps.

If you don't have a big enough dictionary to produce words that will fool the smartest in your group, or you have friends in your group that just don't approve of lying even if it is just for a game, you can play this other Dictionary Game, which is more of a practice in creative writing.

Or if you have a lot if dictionarys in your house, you can have dictionary races.

And you thought Dictionary Day would be boring...


Th. said...


Last night I took three dictionaries off the shelf and placed them where they belong--next to my desk--without even knowing it was Dictionary Day.


Absent-minded Secretary said...

Th. your dictionaries must be the corpeal vessals for the ghost of Noah Webster. It's the only logical explaination.