Monday, October 2, 2006

Name Your Car Day, October 2nd

Name Your Car Day

I have been so excited for this day. I have had my car for a year, and it hasn't a name. I think that I have tried to name it a few times, but the names haven't stuck. I have been pretty good about naming my cars.

Mr Pipps
My first car, a blue 1979 Toyota Corolla, was named Mr. Pipps. Mr. Pipps was a good car. I only had him for a year. Sometimes I still miss Mr. Pipps. I learned how to tell alternator problems apart from battery problems on Mr. Pipps.

Sloopy Schoopy
My next car was Sloopy Schoopy. I loved my Sloopy Schoopy. He was a grey 1986 Subaru Wagon. He got me through my college years, and the year after I graduated from college. He ran on three of his four cylinders, and had a very distinctive tick. Every boy with any mechanical ability that heard that tick, wanted to take Schoopy apart to figure it out, but I wouldn't let them. I was afraid that if the grime that was holding the seams of engine together was disturbed that he wouldn't run any more.

I learned how to replace fuses, replace battery cables, replace batteries, change tires, replace hoses, and patch radiator holes on Schoopy. One time I had a friend tell me that my car ran on faith and duct tape. Poor Schoopy. He worked so hard to make me happy.

The Boat
The Boat was my car that my parent tried to get me to use to replace Schoopy half-way through college. The Boat was my grandpa's gold 1978 Mercury Grand Marquis and it was HUGE. My roommates and guy friends loved The Boat because the engine purred, had leather seats, and looked like a pre-pimped pimp car. It was a great car to go to the drive-in in because we could park sideways and lie all the way down across the seat.

I hated it because I would get notes left on my car asking me to park my very large car at the other end of the parking lot. Embarrassing. So, I made my brother give Schoopy back to me, and I made him drive The Boat.

My next car was a girl car. I got her a year after I graduated from college, and after Schoopy broke down three times in two weeks. My friends I was living with sat me down and told me that I had to get a new car.

My new car was moody. Her name was Sophia. I wasn't very creative with my naming of her; she was a silver 1999 Kia Sephia. But, the reason was, she and I never bonded. She was way too moody (she had an electrical short that no-one could fix), and she was very sensitive (Christmas Trees scratched her up badly), and completely unstable (she could not handle snow on the roads at all), and I missed my Sloopy Schoopy who never had any of those problems.

Sophia passed away a year ago last week. I was upset because I wasn't planning on buying a new car yet, but happy to not have to deal with Sophia anymore.

New Car
I love my new car... but there is not a name yet for... him. He is a white 2001 Saturn Wagon. He meets my needs quite well. He has reminded me that I like to drive, and that snow is not something to be feared. Snow is even something to appreciate because it covers up all the ugly brown. Yea for snow! That is why this car is a he... he is fearless in the face of all weather.

He happily carries all sorts of big and oversized things in his back end for me. And when I tied the Christmas Tree up on his top like a faux hawk, the tree did not scratch him up at all, in fact he looked rather stylish. I am thinking about naming him Oscar, after Oscar Wilde, not the Grouch. Although, the Grouch could work because he is a bit touchy in the transmission gear area. Sometimes he doesn't like me touching his stick.

So... I have some work ahead of me today. Pondering the name Oscar...and figuring out how to christen him.


ekb said...

I am so grateful that I wasn't drinking anything when I read about Oscar's, ahem, touchiness.

But now I have decided that he must be named Oscar. Just because of that image.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

Oscar it is!

(I almost wrote that when I have problems getting him going, he is much more accomodating if you touch his stick, but I didn't want to go too far :))

Now we must figure out an appropriate christening.

Briam said...

I suggest a ceremony where you put it in neutral and push it a few feet, sympolizing the symbiotic relationship of car and driver in meeting the goal of transportation. Then spill something on the passender seat, symbolizing the fluids you will expose him to, then monkey around with the engine until your hands are greasy, symbolizing the fluids he'll expose you to. Burn a bit of road kill in effigy, and you're all set!

Absent-minded Secretary said...

Oh. My. That is a ceremony.

Well, I have already spilled in the passenger seat, and on my seat, and all over the left side, and all in the back end. (I'm not very good at handling soft drinks that are bigger than 32 oz.).

I have not had to push Oscar, nor have I monkeyied around with his engine parts because he has been such a good car.

I have hit a skunk with him, but I don't think it's still around for me to burn a bit of it's flesh because it was a while ago. I guess that I can go looking for some road kill. I do live in an area heavily populated with skunk.

Hmmm. I will have to ponder.

Soccer Dad said...

About 30 years ago my parents bought a Dodge Aspen. I'm not really into naming cars but I thought we should call it Patty.

Tolkien Boy said...

My cars have been, in order, Bernard, Thor, and Simon.

Thor was nothing more than a fleeting passion, Simon is the stable kind of car I can share a life with--but it was Bernard, with all his sexy bugginess, that still holds my heart.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

Soccer Dad, I think with cars being such a major part of family life they need to have nice names like Patty.

Tolkien Boy: Whenever you write about your car Simon I have warm fuzzies about Sloopy Schoopy. It's nice to have cars that we can have conversations with.

Soccer Dad said...

I thought that the full name of Patty Dodge Aspen was pretty funny.

Briam said...

I name my cars after girl cartoon characters (since all cars are girls). They have been Velma (Scooby-Doo), Dee-Dee (Dexter's Lab), and Peppermint Patty (Peanuts). Themes are good.