Friday, October 6, 2006

German American Day, October 6th

German American Day or Deutschen Amerikaner Tag

Declared by President George W. Bush, every October 6th is German American Day. He stated:

German Americans advanced our civic liberties through their strong support for freedom of the press. As publisher of the New York Weekly Journal, John Peter Zenger championed the rights of citizens to criticize elected officials in print. The German-language newspaper Pennsylvania Staatsbote published the first printed copy of the Declaration of Independence. And in directing The New York Times through modernization in the early 20th century, Adolph Ochs helped set a new standard for balanced and innovative reporting.(President Proclaims German-American Day)


If you are in Utah, this weekend is the last weekend to head on up to Snowbird to celebrateOktoberfest. It will be really fun. Go ahead, you know you want to eat some German food.


Tolkien Boy said...

Had I a shred of Germanness in me, I would celebrate along with you. Unfortunately, all I've got is Britishness in my soul. Sorry.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

Ah, but if you're Brit, you've got some Germanic Anglo-Saxon blood flowing in you. Unless, you are all Welsh.

But, I would think that any reader of Beowulf in the original has to have Germanness in his soul.

Come celebrate... celebrate the continual publishing of Old English texts, at least.