Sunday, February 5, 2006

National Cherry Month, Blueberry Pancake Day, Children's Authors' and Illustrators' Week

Blueberry Pancake Day

I started off my weekend by making myself blueberry pancakes on Saturday morning. I don't know why, but I forgot to announce that January 28th was National Blueberry Pancake Day. So, even though blueberries are a false berry they are a very good antioxidant, and we all should eat more of them.

Anyway, I decided to use these star-shaped pancake molds, and they didn't quite work. First of all, I didn't spray the inside of the star-shape with oil. So, the pancakes stuck, and I filled up the star-shape to the top, which meant that even at medium-low temp the bottoms were a bit darker then I like my pancakes to be. So, I didn't have star-shaped-blueberry-pancakes. I just had normal ones. Well, vanilla-blueberry-pancakes, and they were awesome!

Children's Authors' and Illustrators' Week

I was invited to three birthday parties for young'uns yesterday, unfortunately, logistically, I could only make it to two of them, and my favorite four-year-old actually turned four on Tuesday, although there wasn't a party for him on Saturday. (I called him my favorite-four-year-old before he was actually four.) Anyway, I spent my lunch breaks this week shopping for children's books, because I am that boring person that always buys books and clothing for children. Because I have been blessed with a defining characteristic of indecision, it took at least three trips to Barnes and Noble to figure out what I wanted to purchase for the four children. (weirdly, all boys) And, by my last trip, I knew that I needed to make a decision, so I just kind of bought a bunch of books.

When I got home and started sorting through them, I discovered that I probably had better reconsider one of my purchases: The Little Skyscraper. If this book was for my figment-of-my-imagination-child, I would have no problem with it. In fact, I really like the book. The story is about a skyscraper that is "saved" from demolition by a protesting and picketing landmark-specialist architect. Those who know what I do for a living will be chuckling about now. Yes, I did purchase the book as a form of propaganda to win these children over to "my side," after having had a few heated debates with some of their parents. But, I would not have purchased the book if I had seen the reference to The Fountainhead on page 5. Yes, I know that the children won't understand. But, I live in mortal fear of becoming known as "Your-friend-who-gave-our-child-the-book-with-the-atheist-reference."

I think from now on I need to stick with nice neutral non-statement books like this.

National Cherry Month

After my birthday party binge, (and after a very important phone call where I have decided I need to begin researching Tom Jones) I decided to go shopping. Yes, a very stupid decision on a Saturday night in Utah, and an even stupider decision on the Saturday night before Super Bowl Sunday. I thought that since I was leaving for the store at 11pm, I would have missed the majority of the crowd. Well, that part was mostly right, but I also missed the majority of the food.

Walmart was out of cream cheese, preshreaded mozzarella cheese, Minute-Maid Limeade, shell shaped pasta, and salsa verde. Most of those ingredients are not important (except I won't be having Tuna Noodle Casserole for dinner) but the most tragic of losses was the limeade. Who knew that limeade was Super-Desired-Super-Bowl-Beverage. Because I have been recently turned on to the heavenliness that is cherry-limeade, limeade was the must have on my shopping list. I headed to the concentrate section of the store. Nope, it was gone there too. They did have Bacardi Margarita Frozen Mixers. Isn't that interesting, in Utah, who would of thought that they wouldn't be out of that. I must say, it's not quite the same as Minute-Maid Limeade. I have to add more grenadine syrup to get it sweet enough. But, I will live. And Cherry Limeade is nirvana.


edgy killer bunny said...

Umm . . . Error 1: Absent did not invite Edgy along to the Devil's Den. Error 2: Absent did not give the children their activist books. One must always give children activist books. And by no means is the sharing of books with the young boring. Invite me to a baby shower, and I guarantee you your unborn offspring will get books. I believe children must, at a young age, be corrupted into knowing that books are for possession.

And what the hell is going on with word verification? Not only can't I read it, I think it has about 20 letters in it. Maybe when I screw it up, they'll give me something I can actually type in.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

Edgy, would you like me to draw up an AMENDMENT NUMBER TWO TO THE ORIGINAL FRIENDSHIP CONTRACT? I will have to wait to get to work tomorrow to get my notary stamp, and to work out the language perfectly from our previous document, but here is a rough outline. Tell me your thoughts.

Item I. Absent will not shop at the Devil's Den on her lunch break due to the stress placed on said friendship as it is impossible for Edgy to attend such shopping excursions because a) of limited access to vehicle placed on Edgy by current carpool schedule, or b) distance from place of employment to said shopping location and time frame within.
WHEREFORE AND HEREIN all shopping expeditions to the Devil's Den by either Edgy Killer Bunny or Absent Minded Secretary shall not be within the confines of the average workday, and shall be agreed upon by both parties.

Item II. Neither party shall attend any movie without the consent of the other party. Especially movies that have been previously discussed as movies with potential mutual enjoyment. This item shall not be fully executed until party of the first part, Edgy Killer Bunny has determined a time and a place to view Tristan and Isolde.

Item III. Absent and Edgy will heretofore be attached at the hip, much to the dismay of associates, friends, and family. Employment schedules will have to be staggered in order to ensure enough coverage at both places of employment. The date of said surgical procedure has yet to be determined.

I am having problems with word verification too, and while I was writing my blog, it kept on posting, without me telling it to and way before I was done. I think the internet really was anxious to see the funny Dr. Suess link.