Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Single Tasking Day, National Sticky Bun Day, February 21st

Single Tasking Day

Did you know that too much multi-tasking can kill brain cells? If you feel that you have been multi-tasked to your limit, today is the day to put your foot down and demand that you only be required to do one chore at a time. If your phone rings, turn off your monitor so you can focus completely on that phone call. When you check your email, close all those other projects so you don't have anything to distract you from your important messages. If someone complains that you aren't working hard enough, tell them that you are actually increasing your productivity by reserving your brain cells for the future.

National Sticky Bun Day

If you are a super-nice co-worker, you can celebrate today by bringing a tray of sticky buns to work. If you don't think your co-workers are deserving... go ahead and treat yourself on your fifteen minute break. You deserve something good today.


edgy killer bunny said...

Woo hoo! Yay for non-multitasking!

And even better, you have a lego picture posted. Color me all sorts of happy.


Absent-minded Secretary said...

When I saw it, I knew that I must post it for you, Edgy.