Friday, February 3, 2006

Wear Red Day, National Men's Grooming Day, Cordova Ice Worm Day, Po Woo, February 3rd

Wear Red Day

Baby Niece

It's easy to wear red if you are the only grandchild and therefore you are used to being the center of attention, like my cute niece.

I think that as we grow up we loose the ability to wear red, all red, without looking a little silly.

National Men's Grooming Day

Clinton Kelly
And nothing more needs to be said. Hmmm. Such a well dressed man. By just smiling at me this man could get me out of black six days a week. He wouldn't even need to make all the references to funerals and stuff that he does on the What Not to Wear. Oh, wait this was supposed to be about men and their grooming. I am sure that Clinton has lots of good advice for men... since he dresses himself so well. He wears pocket squares. My knees go weak.

Cordova Ice Worm Day February 3rd is the day that the town of Cordova Celebrates the discovery of ice worms.

In 1898, E.J. "Stroller" White discovered ice worms.

"The ice worms that White described were quite bizarre. Being cold-loving creatures, the extreme chill of the recent storm had apparently caused them to crawl out of their holes in a nearby glacier in order to "bask in the unusual frigidity in such numbers that their chirping was seriously interfering with the slumbers of Dawson's inhabitants."

The worms soon became the talk of the town and sales of the Klondike Nugget soared as White continued to write about them. People went out on expeditions to find them, carefully listening for their characteristic chirping. And bartenders in town began serving a drink called 'Ice Worm Cocktails.' These were prepared by pulling a long skinny worm out of a piece of ice and dropping it into a customer's drink."

EWWW! There have to be better things to eat, even in the Klondike!

And just to warn everyone, Today is Po Woo, the Fifth Day of Chinese New Year. Today people should stay home to welcome the God of Wealth. No one should visit anyone today because it will bring very bad luck to all involved. Chinese New Year's

So have a happy Red-Grooming-Worm-Woo Day!


Master Fob said...

To celebrate I will wear my well-groomed red shirt from the Gap and stay home from work.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

I think that I will stay home from work too. I have a maroon cardigan that I might wear, but I think that someone might tell me that technically, it's not red.

Smash said...

I am watching What Not To Wear, as I type!

Of course you can link me! Thanks for reading.

Master Fob said...

Technically my shirt is maroon too, but I figure that's close enough.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

Maroon is definitely in the red color palette.

Th. said...


My tie has some red and I have maxxed out my compliment quota on clothes for the day. So I guess I'm celebrating!

Meleny said...

My what a big red bottom they have. The better to have men drool over my dear Lol...Your blog is so hilarious Lol

Absent-minded Secretary said...

Meleny: Thanks!

Master Fob: One of your comments disappeared!

Th: Congrats on reaching your compliment quota!