Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Different Colored Eyes Day, Pecan Pie Day, July 12th

Different Colored Eyes Day

If you are like me, you have always wanted a different color for your eyes. Yes, I want deep dark teddy bear brown eyes, with blonde hair. God really disappointed me.

I have tried out brown contacts, and the new eyes staring back at me just felt right, until I noticed that anyone looking at me from the side could see the blue underneath. Harumph!

Well, if you want to try out some colored lenses, for cosmetic reasons, this website is offering a free set, if you purchase two other sets. I wonder if they have any the shade of pecan pie? That shade might not be so clashy with my blue... No, I have done too many dramatic things to my coloring today, my hair was brown this morning. Now it is black.

Pecan Pie Day

Have some Pecan Pie y'all!

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