Thursday, July 20, 2006

National Lollipop Day, Ugly Truck Contest Day, Moon Day, July 20th

Ugly Truck Contest Day

I think that the men in my family can probably win this contest.

My dad taught me how to drive on a red and white, 1965 International Scout. The bed was almost completely rusted out, and we didn't need a key to start it... we just turned the ignition by itself, but I wasn't allowed to tell my brothers that, it was a secret between me and my dad.

Sometime the following the year that I learned how to drive, that truck died, and my dad got his next- a retired forestry truck. When I lived at home, between terms of college, that was my source of transportation. The clutch pedal and the gas pedal were about three feet apart. Perfect for driving in heels and a skirt. I loved it!

My brother, the River Rafter, drives an old rusted Jeep with a neverending carburetor problem, not because he has too, but for ambiance, because we all know that River Raft Guides must drive big buckets of bolts and rust. I think that I lost a few brain cells to gas fumes last time I was his passenger. But it was way cool, because we were going kayaking down a river that was closed to all but professional guides. My brother trusted my kayaking skills enough to let me on a river wild! I felt so cool! I would show a picture of that, because it was one of the most fun experiences of my life... but I can't find them. Sad. That will be my next project- find the cool rafting photos.

Yes, I must say that I love my family's ugly trucks. They make me feel cool.

Moon Day

Because on July 20, 1969, Apollo 11 landed on the surface of the moon, we can now celebrate Moon Day. One website recommends watching Apollo 13. But that doesn't seem right to me, because it's not a movie about the original moon landing, which is what we are supposed to be celebrating.

National Lollipop Day

The very best lollipop is the Tootsie Pop. Probably because it had the best commercial campaign from the 70s-- ever. Because of that campaign I learned that owls are smart. No other birds can count, right? One... two... three! Licks to the center!

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Tolkien Boy said...

I also learned to drive on a beat-up, ugly truck. I nearly caused a cattle stampede.

Ah, raching memories.