Wednesday, July 26, 2006

On the road to health...

Thoughts after being sick and watching too much television:

  • TLC is going downhill, HGTV and the Food Network have all the cool shows
  • The Dean Boys are really cute, and one of them is single
  • Too much Food Network and I think I can cook things like "Roasted Rack of Silverton Lamb 'en Crepinette' with Oregon Hazelnuts, Morels and Wild Nettles with Organic Wheat Berry Pilaf", but I haven't any idea where to buy nettles, or why I would really want to eat them
  • It's a really, really bad idea to watch six episodes of House, M.D. when you are sick. It makes you think that you should have an allergic reaction to at least one of your medications, and if you don't, they must not be working.
  • Also, all the deathly ill women have seemed to remember to get pedicures and their legs waxed before their hospital visits-- I'm a slacker, I would never remember to do such things if I had a seizure and had to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance.
  • And, I do have to protest the scary green glowing light in the MRI room at House's hospital- completely unnecessary. I've had MRIs and the light is normal. Unless the green glowing light is supposed to make people go into cardiac arrest.
  • Commercials can make the easiest things look so hard... like sewing on a button ("Why spend a fortune on a seamstress, or go cross-eyed threading a needle when you can have the Buttoneer?" [Why not just throw the damn shirt out if it's that hard to replace the button?])
  • Why, why, why, would anyone need a 15-inch, cable-ready television in their refrigerator door?
  • The sleep timer makes my tv say "Goodnight." How friendly.


FoxyJ said...

I am also in love with the Food Network. I know I've been watching too much Rachel Ray because I'm convinced I need a grill pan. I also am convinced that I need several cool things offered on infomercials. I am still not convinced, however, that I need a TV in my refrigerator.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

I love Rachel Ray too. I think the garbage bowl is the best time saver ever when you are trying to cook a meal fast, even in a small kitchen. And I love how she never measures anything. I don't either.