Saturday, July 8, 2006

Video Game Day, Kilt Day, July 8th

Video Games Day

I hate video games. I never win.

Kilt Day

Did you wear your kilt today?

Today, I went to the Payson Scottish Festival. I love bagpipes, and shortbread, and men in kilts, and so I had a very good time. And it was sort of like a video game.

We sampled some Scottish food that I have never tried before, mostly meat products wrapped in pastry, but it was quite tasty. And we had shortbread. They never have shortbread in video games, but sometimes they have food.

We saw some things for sale in the booths that should never be sold. Not ever. Because although video game women might look good in things like that, real women don't.

Many cabers were tossed, which I found much more impressive than reaching level three of Super Mario Brothers. There was even a girl tossing a few about. And hers broke. Scottish women are pretty strong.

And there were a few medieval people roaming around, looking like they crawled out of a castle-themed video game. I was okay with that, because it was fun to watch the sword fights. But, I wasn't quite sure why they were wandering around at the Scottish Fest.

I could post a bunch of video of the bagpipe competition... but I am not sure if everyone enjoys that sort of thing. I do, which is why I have one whole memory card of bagpipe video. I think I will just send it off to my dad. He will like it.

Okay. Call me a nerd. Here are the bagpipes.


Neel Mehta said...

Geez, for some people, every day is Video Games Day. Why celebrate it?

And how do you feel about men in tights? Uh, hypothetically.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

Hypothetical tights? It would depend on the hypothetical context. I can see how it could be hypothetically hot, or hypothetically not. :)