Monday, July 24, 2006

Marvin the Martian's Birthday, Drive-Thru Day, Pioneer Day, July 24th

Marvin the Martian's Birthday

This insignificant planetoid has been found guilty of crimes against the universe, namely, forgetting to blog about one of the most significant birthdays in cartoonland. What does Mr. Martian have to say:"I do believe you are right!" "That wasn't a bit nice." "You have made me very angry - very angry indeed!" "Brace yourself for immediate disintegration."

Drive-Thru Day

Since it's hot all over, it's the perfect day not to cook. Take a trip through the drive-thru. And if you can talk your mom into it get a milkshake with Snickers chopped up inside for dinner. The caramel gets all half frozen-y and yummy. Hmmm, milkshakes.

Pioneer Day

If you are not from, nor ever have lived in Utah during July, you probably will not know about Pioneer Day. Pioneer Day is the celebration of the Mormon Pioneers entering the Salt Lake Valley on July 24, 1847.

The important part of this day is, it's a paid holiday for me, and for most City and State employees, (Yeah!) but, not for Federal employees. Like, the mail still continues to run on Pioneer Day, but City offices are closed. In the private sector things get all messed up. If you have a die-hard Pioneer Day Celebrator for a boss, you get the day off, but if you work in an office that has clients outside of the state, and you have a boss that cares about such things, you stay open. There are sales and fireworks, like the Fourth of July, but doctor's offices are closed, so you had better not have a bottle-rocket go off in your hair, or trip on the escalator at the mall and need stitches, or you will have to go to the emergency room. It's a hard holiday to explain to out-of-state-rs

So, sorry to everyone who had to work yesterday. I didn't work, but I didn't shop the sales either. I was sick and had to go to an emergency clinic to see a doctor, (because the doctors offices are closed, because of the holiday). But, now I have mega-strength antibiotics, an inhaler pump, a nasal spray, (both which leave a horrible metal taste in my mouth) and a decongestant. (This may sound like overkill for a summer cold, but when you have M.S. like I do, doctors don't mess around with the possibility of developing pneumonia. And to be perfectly honest, right now I feel like death warmed over... wait, no, that would just be death.)

So, Happy Pioneer Day to me! (And to you, and if you prefer to call it Mormon Pride, go for it!) But, happiness of happiness, before I got sick, I did get to see Edgy's new living room all painted, and he is right, it is hot!

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