Thursday, February 8, 2007

Kite Flying Day, February 8th

Kite Flying Day

There is something about holding a flying a kite. It seems incongruous but, the bigger the kite, the less wind it will take to get it off the ground. Kites fly when air rushing over the leading edge of the kite creates a vacuum or low pressure area behind the kite. The bigger the kite, the bigger the vacuum area. The kite then tries to move towards the low pressure area and this causes the kite to lift off of the ground.

Kites need strings and tales. The strings keep the kite tethered to a base so the kite can soar higher in the sky. Without the tether, the kite would just blow around horizontally like a very large colorful leaf tossed about the wind. Tails aren't just for prettiness. Kite tails are for balance. And one good thing to have when at the mercy of the wind is balance. So always know how to make a good tail.

Kites are kinda like dreams. The bigger the dream the less wind it seems to set some action happening, and you might not have even been ready to go kite flying in February. Even if you did have all you string and tails all lined up and in order, your kite flight may seem a little surrealistic.

And if your dream was something like a job interview, and a chance to completely change your life, it may all seem like everything depends on the wrong things: string, wind, tails... threads, tales, portfolios?

Yep, you're right, that was weird. I should just go to bed.

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