Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine's Day, Part II-Memories: Absent Decides Boys Are Confusing

Valentine's Day of 1998, I had finally settled on one major, English, and was trying to decide how much I hated my previous major, Psychology, and if I should do the double major thing. I was working part-time at a psychiatrist's office both to earn money, and gain life experience. For my Valentine's festivities, babysitting was on the schedule.

While I was at work, my psychiatrist-employer asked me if I could stay late to accommodate a VIP first patient. This patient was a very well known LDS author, and I should have been very excited to meet him as it combined my two then current areas of study, but truth of the matter was 1) I thought it was rude for him to ask us to do this on Valentine's Day, and 2) I didn't really like his books anyway, and 3) I already had promised my services to my friend as a babysitter.

My employer asked me to bring the baby into the office so I could act as receptionist for this VIP patient on Valentine's Day. So, after asking my friend if it was okay with her, I did.

Then, the excited thing happened. The boy, the very cute BYU football player-English major boy called me to see what I was doing and if I wanted to go to a movie for Valentine's Day. I had been waiting for this call for weeks, and it happens while I had to work late with a baby on my lap!? How unfair could life get? I explained very carefully that I did want to go, but was otherwise obligated. The cute English-Major-Footballer was very polite, but got off the phone quickly. I thought that I had lost my chance with him.

Until he showed up at my office with a Subway sandwich, no onions. He didn't know where I worked, but he knew that I worked on University Avenue, the longest street in the city of Provo. He drove up and down the street until he found my car, then he went and got the sandwich, and then came back, and tried to remember the name of the doctor that I worked for. He guessed right. He didn't stay long, he said that he was going to the movie with friends anyway, but I was sure that he was in love with me and that by the end of the week, we were going to be together. Because really, no guy would go to all that effort on Valentine's Day for just a friend.

Yeah, apparently, he would, and he did.

He really was a good friend. Together we crashed the BYU Offensive Line main computer, on accident... but that is a different story, and has nothing to do with Valentine's Day.

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