Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine's Day, Part II-Memories: Edgy Makes Absent Play Nice

Edgy probably doesn't even remember this, because we weren't really more than acquaintances at the time, but one Valentine's Day Edgy asked me to give a Valentine's Day present to That Girl. I did not like That Girl.

I won't go into why I don't like That Girl, just will explain that I had some pretty complicated and bitter feelings about her, and about how she was treating a boy that I thought that I was in love with.

So, Valentine's Day is near, and the ward (LDS congregation- in this case entirely single) had done a Secret Valentine Exchange. The bishop asked me if I would mind giving a gift to each ward member who had not participated in the Secret Valentine Exchange on Valentine's Eve. I don't know why either of us thought it was my responsibility, I was the Ward Music Coordinator, but I did as asked.

First, I needed to figure out the names of those who didn't participate. So, I talked to Edgy, who was on the Activities Committee, to find out the names of the people that did participate, so that I could the figure out by process of elimination the names of those who did not participate.

At that same time, Edgy asked me if I would mind also giving a gift to That Girl who had participated, but had not received any gifts from her Secret Valentine. Had he known my feelings for That Girl, he probably wouldn't have asked me, because at the time he liked That Girl better than me. (He had better like me better then That Girl now or he is in big trouble.) And he probably would have wanted to make sure that That Girl got something nice.

I ended up needing to make and deliver over 200 heart-shaped cookies for the non-participators. I could have given That Girl a broken cookie, or a spit on cookie, but I didn't. I was up until 7 am delivering the cookies, because all the addresses that were given to me were wrong. And then I had to go to work. And then there was a dance or something that night, but I was way too tired to deal with that and the complicated boy stuff going on with the boy that I thought I was in love with and other flotsam and jetsam brought on by That Girl.

So, we can conclude that Edgy put me on the path to becoming a better person when he made me deliver a cookie to That Girl.

Although, I am not sure if I am a much better person now than I was then, in fact, I think I am worse. I guess Edgy can lead Absent to water, but he can't make her drink.

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