Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine's Day, Part IV: 2007

This will be my last post about Valentine's Day, and then I will have to start motivating myself to organize myself enough so I can, without any guilt, leave my current place of employment. (Shhh. Don't tell anyone. And well, I am counting my chickens before they have hatched, so it might not happen.) But, anyway, you might not hear from me for a while because I am doing lots of organizing type work. Never mind. You might be hearing from me a lot because I have to do a lot of organizing type work.

Anyway, this year for Valentine's Day, someone gave me a mood ring. The color-changing mood part of the ring is heart-shaped and has the word "love" in the middle, which makes it an appropriate Valentine's present.

Most mood rings that I have owned have stayed a consistent blue or green, or blue-green. This one changes a lot. Which I like, and makes me wonder... is this mood ring a super-fabulous ring, or have my regular finger temperatures have changed. Anyway, I have used this website as my mood ring color interpretation guide.

When I am outside the ring is light blue-green which means that my "inner emotions are charged." Or it could mean my fingers are cold.

When I do most of my daily chores around the office the color is dark blue, which means that I am "joyous, romantic, very happy." Which I highly disagree with; I am not that much of a Type A personality that I think that work is romantic or joyous, at least not my definition of joyous or romantic.

When I talk to people, it changes to a lighter blue, which means that I am "loveable at ease." (Well, hardly at ease, but always loveable. :))

When I work on spreadsheets, the color tone changes completely. It changes to a color I have never seen before on a mood ring that I have worn, it changes to a violet-purple. According to this website violet-purple is a secondary color and it means that my "sensual purpose is known." I never knew I liked spreadsheets so much.

And just now, I was talking to my co-workers about dating, and the ring turned pink, another secondary color, and another color I have never seen on any of my mood rings. This chart says that pink means I have "uncertain questions."

Well, I used to think that mood rings were just silly... but that was when I would only get shades of blue and green. Now, I think I might learn a bit about myself with this thing.


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And then you will be an absent-minded what?

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sheofmermaids said...

Here is a "Mood Ring Colors Chart" of my own that is from basic researching & searching many sources of info on my own:

You can also key in on The Google Blogs:

"Mood Ring Colors Chart" -

& that should bring it up.

Signed, sheofmermaids