Friday, January 20, 2006

Feeling Loved

I feel very loved today, for three reasons:

1) I was jarred awake this morning by a phone call that reassured me that my boss needs me. This is my current goal in life, to make myself irreplaceable at work. My goal is on the road to accomplishment.

2)Every time I have checked my email today, I have had a message. I guess it helps that I have been choosing to be away from my computer today, and therefore I have not been checking my email every three minutes. Of course, I need to address the fact that at least five of my messages were about my graduate school status. I guess that eventually (and probably sooner would be better than later) I will need to make a decision about my status and future at BYU, as well as some practical decisions about how much a degree will help me in my career. Anyway...

3) I have had visitors at my apartment three days this week, wait, four, one came twice! This is a record since I have moved into my own apartment. I tend follow the patterns and habits of a recluse, or maybe a work-a-holic would be a better nomer. (Is nomer a word? How can we have misnomer without the root?) I have been particularly happy because these visitors also happen to be all of my most favorite most dear friends, my inner circle, except for Miss Laura who insisted on moving to California to get married, she didn't visit this week, but that is my fault. I need to call her. I appreciate these visits because I realized again today that I have amazing friends... way more amazing than I deserve. They have been supportive of me through thick and thin, sickness and health, emotional rants and silences, and all other sorts of stuff. They all deserve some sort of accreditation, and I don't know how to do it. Posting it here only works for one of my circle, (and is probably not as much as he deserves) as I have kept this part of my life pretty secret from most of my friends. I don't know... I should do something. Especially since some had to wait until pretty late at night to visit just so I would be home. Maybe I will make cookies... that seems lame though.

Friends are just awesome.

Wow... two more email from BYU, that makes seven in one day!

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