Friday, January 27, 2006

For LL:

Alas, I couldn't find pics of Doris holding a bunny, but she is wearing an outrageous hat, and there are blue pom poms... on the dogs. And she looks like she is about ready to break out in song doesn't she? One might, at first glance, assume Miss Day's innocence, until one becomes aware of her naked tummy and the phallic-ness of her hat. It's such a strange outfit, (don't you think?) with the organza skirt and the tummy showing. It's like she's stole a six-year-old's Easter dress, but she didn't have enough fabric for her own, so she just cut the skirt off and used the sailor top to wrap around her chest area.

The black and white flooring is reminiscent of a diner, where one might order a pancake... So, I think that we might have all the elements for our pancake and bunny musical, in the most allegorical way possible.

So glad you stopped by, by the way! :)


edgy killer bunny said...


Absent-minded Secretary said...


Meleny said...

I would actually not be afraid to wear something like that :). Though im not into the pink pom pom poodles lmao

Absent-minded Secretary said...

Doris would be proud.

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