Sunday, January 15, 2006

Another Step Closer to Green Eggs and Ham?

Genetically Engineered Green Pigs. Green Glowing Ham. Yum.

And now I a going to begin my second blog of the day, an anomaly for me. Mostly because I am determined to stay awake until 11 o'clock. I have two hours to fill. The sound of the wind outside is making me nervous about going to sleep. I am afraid that it will effect my dreams. The sound really is poignant... the wind. I feel like I am in a Jack London story... well, one of his Alaska stories. It sounds so cold and lonely outside, but, when I look out the window, I see just a light dusting of snow, and my neighbors' televisions.

I am not as isolated as I feel- and I have a cell phone now. I can call people, even long distance people. It only took me three weeks to get it, after I lost it. I was picky; I didn't want a pink phone. I know that a pink phone would make me the coolest babysitter ever in the mind of my favorite seven-year-old, but I didn't think it would be very professional when it started ringing in a meeting (as it would probably the first week that I had it, because my life is like that.)

I think that I won't go into my dreams... I might wait until after I have consulted my favorite fellow Jungian, Dr. Laura, no, not that Dr. Laura. If you link up to the website, check out Scrabble, under the "Games" tab. I do have to admit that Laura has kicked my butt many times at Scrabble. In fact, pretty much everyone can kick my butt at Scrabble, regardless, Laura is especially good.

I think EKB might make me give up my English degree if I don't stop blogging confessions like "I'm bad at Scrabble," and "I hated Canterbury Tales."


Absent-minded Secretary said...

FYI: My cell phone number is theoretically the same number as it once was. I haven't actually tried it yet to see if that aspect of it works though...

edgy killer bunny said...

So . . . are you in a meeting right now? Because I think I'm going to call your phone if you are.

I can forgive the "I hate Scrabble" comment and allow you to keep your degree as long as you more than compensate for said hatred with an adoration for Boggle and crossword puzzles. A true English major loves two of the three.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

I don't have to work today! See me dancing! Sorry, I know you do... have to work that is, not dance.

I didn't say I hate Scrabble, I just am not good at it. I just focus on words, and not the Double Word & Letter Scores and all that so I don't get points. And I simply cannot form words bigger than 5 letters when the pressure is on.

Boggle I hate. It's the timer thing.

I can do crosswords, especially if I am stuck in the JKHB basement waiting for my next class. (But that hasn't happened in years, so I haven't done a crossword puzzle in years) But, I heard a rumor that current English majors no longer have to take classes in the basement of the ugliest building on campus, with the ugliest carpet, so they might not need crossword puzzles any more to distract them from their surroundings... lucky fellows.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

Ooooo... I do really like a variation of Scrabble where everyone creates their own crossword puzzle, called "Take-two." I am good at that, because I don't have to worry about special extra points, or making it difficult for anyone else by using a three letter word.