Monday, January 30, 2006

Inane Answering Message Day, Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, January 30th

Inane Answering Message Day
Inane Answering Message Day, is all about bringing an end to annoying, endlessly long, or otherwise inane answering machine messages that waste the time and try the patience of unfortunate callers. I, unfortunately, have been responsible for a great deal of these messages. Brevity is not a talent I was blessed with. Therefore, I would like to celebrate clever telephone messages, with the realization the perception of cleverness is idiosyncratic, therefore, it is impossible to actually carry out the mandate of the day by bringing an end to annoying, endlessly long, or inane messages. And thus, I have found that I have painted myself into a celebratory corner.

Regardless, even those wild and crazy government employees are getting into the spirit of today, check out the U.S. Census Bureau Inane Answering Message Day Message.

Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day
We all do it. We all love it. We order things from just so we can get it. We all love bubble wrap. I have taken it upon myself to test the six of the virtual bubble wrap popping games that are available. It took minutes of dedication and sacrifice, and I am sure that there will be many lives touched by my commitment.

After my research, I found that I could only recommend three of the six games tested. The other three were basically repeats of the others, or had poor graphics. All three of the recomended games make noise, so if you are playing them at work, you might want to turn your sound down really low. I am not recommending that you turn it off, because that would eliminate the satisfaction of popping virtual bubbles.

Bubble Wrap Popping Game I This game you can choose the size of the bubbles and the skill level... I liked this one 'cause you can pop a lot in one sweep.

Bubble Wrap Popping Game II This game has colorful messages that pop up while you are popping... messages like "Does your boss know you are doing this?"

Bubble Wrap Popping Game III Has "Manic Mode," and we all know what it is like to have reached "manic mode."

Happy Popping!!


Meleny said...

Who knew there were levels to bubble wrap :) I knew there were types of ways to pop em though, my favorite are with my toes :) my boyfriend likes smashing them with something.

edgy killer bunny said...

Is that really the census bureau's message? Mercy. I should pay less in taxes.

Shame on you for passing along bubble wrap games. Like I needed something else to distract me at work.

And I'm not posting D today, either. Even if Fobby says I can't work until I do. So pbblt.

Master Fob said...

My favorite bubble wrap game is the first one. I won both the easy and hard versions. S-Boogie finds it rather amusing too.

And since Edgy wants to bring the fight over to your blog, I would just like to say that he better not be working very hard, and I will not email him until he posts D, so as not to distract him from the task at hand, unless I feel like it, which, to be honest, is likely. But I'll do so begrudgingly.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

We all must bow to the power of virutal bubble wrap.

Meleny: do you pop the virtual bubble wrap with your toes? I will be impressed if you do.

Edgy: Aren't you being rather stubborn? Oh, wait, never mind, you are a tiger, a Taurean-Tiger. And, I had to pass on the games. Would you rather that I just mention that I tested six bubble wrap games and liked three of them and leave my readership in suspence?

MF: I am happy to have amused both you and S-Boogie. Thank you for the admonishments Edgy-wise.

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