Friday, August 18, 2006

Bad Poetry Day, August 18th

Bad Poetry Day

I always knew that there were some bad poems written by good poets, and some good poems written by bad poets.

I also knew that there were some really bad poets who wrote a lot of bad poems.

Today, while doing a quick "bad poetry internet research session" I learned aboutJulia A. Moore. Julia just might be the one of the top bad poets of all time. She has been called "a mile post in the history of bad poetry," and America's "greatest super-comic poet." Apparently, she read some of the critical reviews of her poems, because she wrote these emotional lines:

Some Editors of the papers
They thought it would be wise
To write a column about me,
So they filled it up with lies. "To My Friends and Critics" Julia A. Moore
Boy, did she fry their hides. Note to self: when trying to write an "angry" poem, don't let it rhyme.

I have to say that my favorite bad poem of the day is: "The Early Frogs" by Harry Edward Mills

The Early Frogs

O, I love to hear the frogs
When they first begin to sing;
How they vocalize the bogs,
And vociferate the Spring.
How they carrol as they croak,
How they mingle jest and joke
With their solemn chant and dirge
On the river's slimy verge.

O, I love to hear the frogs,
For their monotone uncouth
Is the music of the cogs
Of the mill wheel of my youth.
And I listen half asleep,
And the eyes of mem'ry peep
Through the bars that hold me fast,
From the pleasures of the past.

O, I love to hear the frogs,
For their melody is health
To the heart that worry flogs
With the lash of want or wealth.
And the cares of life take wing,
And its pleasures lose their sting,
And love's channel way unclogs
In the croaking of the frogs.
Can I just repeat those last two lines for you all who didn't really pay attention... "And love's channel way unclogs; In the croaking of the frogs."

Yes, yes it does. I can see that clearly now since I have frogs.


The Ugly Swan said...

I love to write bad poetry,
it's how I'll win a beau-a-tree,
for, whether high or low-a-tree,
each guy I'd want to know-a-tree
will have to want to go-a-tree
with me to the bad poetry

(sponsored by the English Society.)

Absent-minded Secretary said...

Beautiful. Beautiful.

Wiping tears from my eyes.

Briam said...

While watching my telenovelas recently, I learned that Spanish has an equivalent to the phrase "I'm a poet and didn't know it." And it goes: "Hice un verso sin esfuerzo," which translates as "I made a verse without effort".