Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Twosies Days, August 22nd

Twosies Days

Okay, I totally admit that I am making this day up. But, I think that I need to celebrate the rash of twos that have invaded my life in the past two days. Some of these pairings have been delightful; some have not been delightful. Whatever fates there are out there that have decided that I need two of everything... well, let's stop with the sharp objects already!

  • Two knives dropped on my toes
  • Two sushi band-aids on my toes
  • Two places where I realized that perhaps I was a bit wrong and perhaps a bit emotional and reactionary the first time I read Harry Potter V
  • Two very unusual symptoms to my M.S. treatment (That's it, I'm done- I'm really done. Don't tell me that I'm being emotional, or illogical, or stupid about my treatment... I really, really, really don't ever want to stick that needle in my leg ever again!)
  • Two compliments by complete strangers about the color of my eyes
  • Two times my right earring fell out of my ear and right down my shirt to an embarrassing place in front of important people
  • Two times where I had to say "Excuse me" and step out of the room to fish out the stupid earring
  • Two thought-stopping comments from important people about embarrassing earring incident
  • Two false fire alarms
  • Two free meals
  • Two compliments about my latest hair color
  • Two boys who took me to a movie
  • Two times where I blabbered on too much about work in front of the boys (When am I ever going to learn not to do this? Nobody wants to hear the boring stories of a mid-level manager at a local-quazi-governmental agency. And speaking of that... I am not a secretary anymore. Should I change my blog name? Thoughts anyone?)
  • Two curiously intriguing, but possibly life-threatening invitations for future activities with the boys... (Hmm, how much do I want to spend time with the boys? Enough time to get my eyebrows burnt off?)


Soccer Dad said...

Sorry that I haven't been visiting too much lately. (I really am, your blog is a lot of fun.)

2 things:

1) I like absent minded secretary. Given that most people count on secertaries to remember everything it's cute in an oxymoronic way. (Absent minded mid level manager just doesn't have quite the same ring.)

2) Burn your eyebrows off? Are they planning to take you onto Fear Factor?

Briam said...

I think we all have a number that occurs with eerie frequency in our lives, the trick is to notice it. Yours is 2, mine is 47. What does it mean?

Absent-minded Secretary said...

Soccer Dad: Your presence has been missed. :) But, glad to know you are still reading. I like your thoughts about my blog-name. And you might be the one deciding vote!

I think that all I can publically say about this combustible activity is: "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good."

Absent-minded Secretary said...

Briam! 47! Not 42!

Briam said...

Seriously, 47. While I am a Doug Adams fan, 42 just doesn't pop up as often.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

I think that we will have to see examples of 47... for example, it would be really frustrating if 47 cars cut you off in traffic in one day.

Also, do you think that the 42 in the LOST number string means anything?

Briam said...

I'm sure it means something, I just have no idea what it is. But when I see the number 47, I think it's the universe trying to get my attention, like that episode of Star Trek TNG where Data kept seeing the number three, which eventually helped him save the ship.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

I think I remember that episode... did't they go back in time?

Briam said...

they were stuck in a time loop.