Thursday, August 10, 2006

National S'mores Day, August 10th

National S'mores Day

Everyone loves S'mores.

All right, I'm sure that there are whole websites devoted to the hatred of S'mores, and secret societies that meet in the darkness behind boy and girl scout camps all around the country to tell their horrific S'more stories.

If you do have a story about toasty-hot marshmallow and melted chocolate from your formative years that is still traumatizing you, perhaps you shouldn't read the rest of this post.

I love S'mores. I love them cooked over the campfire, over the burner of my kitchen stove, in the microwave, and I love, love, love the indoor bar version made with Golden Grahams. I have been known to request it instead of birthday cake.

Now, what makes the S'more so great is that you can have just a regular old S'more, with a graham cracker, a marshmallow, and plain chocolate, and it tastes good. But you also can get all Martha Stewart-y and make your own marshmallow (which I have never done, and probably won't ever do), or you can get fancy with the chocolate [My favorite chocolate to use is a Nestle Crunch Peanut Butter Mini. Which, honestly, makes the best S'more ever! (How can you top melted chocolate, marshmallow, and peanut butter... mmmm!)], or you can do special combinations of chocolate-graham-cookie thing, or you can add extra ingredients. (Edgy won't like that one). But, there are lots of extra ingredients that you can add to a S'more and not mess up the flavor thing. I have seen people wrap their toasted marshmallows in M&Ms before squishing the whole mess between the graham cracker shell, and I have to say, it took talent and creativity to pull it off.

So, everyone, have a very happy National S'more Day!