Tuesday, August 15, 2006

National Relaxation Day, World Day of Reiki, Best Friend's Day, August 15th

National Relaxation Day, World Day of Reiki, Best Friend's Day

It's time to take a little time to relax, spend some time with your BFF, and go try out some Reiki Therapy. Personally, I think that I am going to fudge the therapy a bit and get me some of that Cranio Sacral Therapy instead. And I will probably do it by myself, because I don't think that I can convince any of my BFFs (Boy Version, Girl Version, Former-Roommate Version, or The-Only-Still-Single Version) at the last minute that they should play with me all afternoon.

Oh, well. I probably won't be able to convince my boss that I need an afternoon off to take a massage anyway. I suppose that I will just compose an Ode to Bestest Friends to celebrate.

(Please, no-one hold your breath on that one. I would hate to loose any one of my readers because they died waiting for an Ode.)


edgy killer bunny said...

Boy Version wouldn't mind getting a massage, but he's staying home all day to finally finish up that book he's procrastinating on. You know, the one that was due a month ago.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

Theoretically, you could participate in an afternoon of massage. Hmmm. Hmmm. I wonder if I can theoretically leave early, and if I can theoretically convince you that you can edit while being massaged.

I am not convinced of my success in either areas.