Friday, April 28, 2006

Be A Tourist In Your Own Backyard, on May 6th

The Salt Lake City tourism bureau is offering everyone a chance to Be A Tourist In Your Own Backyard on May 6th. You can purchase the tickets here.

It's really kinda cool, and insanely busy if you go to any of the kid places. If you are really talented with planning itineraries you can go to all these cool places in one day for just $5.

Last year we hit three, which made a full day, and probably is the most that I would recommend trying to accommodate in one day. But maybe someone out there can prove to me that you can enjoy all these places in one day.

I think my favorite place last year was the Kennecott Copper Mines. Mostly because I was quite surprised that I was impressed and entertained by the visit. (Also it was fun to listen to the hidden propaganda in their video presentation.) They aren't on the agenda this year but, if you ever get the chance, take an afternoon to do the tour. But, really, do it. It's way fun.

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