Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I just received a pop-up news alert that the Pope is encouraging everyone to confess their sins since it is Holy Week.

Absent-minded Secretary's Five Deadly Sins (Or, those sins that she feels comfortable enough to share with the internet)

  1. I did not, not do I ever plan to, observe Lent. I know that I do not have enough self control to give up anything for only 40 days. If I am going to try to give something up, I have to suffer under the illusion that I will give it up for ever (even if I know I won't) or feel good about sacrificing for just for a week. Forty days... that's way too long.
  2. Sloth. I know I could probably excuse and explain away my lack of enthusiam for a life outside of work as a symptom of my M.S., but I also know that I can do a lot better than I am doing, because I have done a lot better. But, right now, I really don't care enough to exert any energy to change.
  3. I am wearing frog socks right now, a What Not to Wear fashion no-no.
  4. I have these ideals that I profess, about loving my fellow man, being open to new ideas, letting people live according to their own conscience, as I want them to let me live, but really, I am a very judgmental person, and often I say things that I wish I hadn't said, and I don't realize the impact of what I have said until significantly after the said said. I hate this dissonance within myself.
  5. I am a major procrastinator. In fact, this confession is simply an act of procrastination. (Of work, of unanswered email.) Unfortunately, I think that procrastination might just define, enhance and taint each personality characteristic of my whole self.

Am I going to set any goals to change... maybe tomorrow.


Master Fob said...

Amen on #4. For me, that is. I personally haven't had the opportunity to see you commit this sin, but I know I do all the time.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one. But, to share the compliment, I haven't seen you commit this sin either.

Th. said...



I had no idea you were such a terrible person!

Absent-minded Secretary said...

I know, it's the frog socks.