Monday, April 17, 2006

Why, Yes, Yes I Am

My co-workers don't know that I blog. I had a heart-stopping moment once when I was showing a couple of them Edgy's Crimes Against Humanity #3 and one of them noticed the name "Absent-minded Secretary" and said, "Hey, that could almost describe you!"

Why, yes, yes it could.

Last week a co-worker and I were discussing when we should schedule an outdoor activity during April, I advised that we should wait until the week of BYU graduation or after. When pressured to explain myself, I said that more often than not, it snows the week before BYU graduation. (Some people in Utah follow the "Don't plant your garden until after Mother's Day" rule; I follow the "Don't put your flower pots outside until after BYU graduation" rule.)

Today a co-worker came to my desk after observing the snow fall for and hour and asked: "What are you, an almanac?"

Why, yes...

Post Script: Now that I am home, it is nice to discover that compared to Provo, the weather in Pleasant Grove is rather pleasant... and it isn't snowing here! Wahoo!


LL said...

It's not even cold in California! Just think!

Absent-minded Secretary said...

LL! I have missed you! I need to call you!! Yes, I am sure it doesn't snow in California mid-April. Ah ... the lovely west coast, and the temperate pacific. Sigh.

edgy killer bunny said...

Stupid snow.

That's all.

Just stupid snow.

Iguana Sam said...

Yeah, I have a bone to pick with the snow in April. It's all fine and dandy pre-December 25th, but after that, it's moot.

Oh, and if certain co-workers of Edgy's and mine found his blog, that might not be the best. Especially if it were Office Spy...he'd run and tattle.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

It's a good thing to be annonymous. All Office Spys should be stripped of all vacation priviledges.