Thursday, April 27, 2006

National Prime Rib Day, Babe Ruth Day, Tell A Story Day, .National Hairball Awareness Day, Take Our Daughters & Sons to Work Day, April 27th

Let's see if I am recovered from the excitement of Blog Party III to do a daily blog, and if I can sate my excitement about my favorite LL comming to visit me in mere hours... I think that I can muddle through. :)

National Prime Rib Day

Hmmm, prime rib. I never thought that I liked prime rib until my grandpa taught me that you are supposed to have it rare. You see, up until then, I was a very-well done girl. The girl that kept everyone's food from coming to the table in a timely manner because her food had to be cooked all crispy-like. Until prime rib. Now, I understand the draw of blood. Now, I crave red flesh. Now, I don't make the chefs roll their eyes and complain that I am ruining a perfectly good piece of meat by burning it to a crisp. Have some prime rib tonight. You all deserve it. I am sure that you do.

Babe Ruth Day

Everyone knows the name, but if you are like me, you might be a bit fuzzy about the facts. Visit the Official Babe Ruth Site to learn more about one of America's Baseball legends. Visit Snopes to learn about some of the urban legends surrounding him.

Tell A Story Day

I might expand this later today... story to follow.

National Hairball Awareness Day

Hairballs are gross. Anyone who has had a cat who has a predisposition for them is aware of this fact. Family Cat # I that we had from my age 8 to 28 had hairballs all the time. Some much so that we had to give her this gross liver-flavored-lubricant-paste that she was supposed to like to eat, but she didn't. We decided that she was a cat with an eating disorder. We had to smear it all over her face and paws so she would lick it off of herself, which probably caused her to lick herself more and get more fur down her throat... and thus more hairballs. Family Cat # II, which didn't have a hairball problem, really liked the liver-flavored-lubricant-paste and would lick it off of our fingers. She would get jealous when we would give it to the bulimic cat, and she would wander around the house feeling sorry for herself, meowing obnoxiously to let everyone know how lonely and ignored she felt because she didn't get any liver-flavored-lubricant-paste.

Take Our Daughters & Sons to Work Day

My parents never took us kids to work with them. When my mom worked, she worked for the school district, so, it was not really a fun change of pace to skip school to go to work with mom, and dad was a truck driver so there were safety laws and rules and stuff. But, I'm not sure that I ever asked either of them either. Maybe I am just assuming that my dad couldn't take us. I wonder if my brothers ever went to work with dad. Hmmm. I might have missed out on some serious bonding time. I might have become a truck driver. Maybe it's a good thing. College was a very good experience for me. And when all is said and done, I do like my job, so it was a good thing I went to college to get it.

Anyway, take your sons and daughters to work today! Show them a little work ethic in action. I hear that is the problem with kids today- no work ethic. I'm probably not old enough to say that. (At least I like to believe that, and everyone at work still consideres me a kid, but that's mostly because I am un-married, and un-kidified. But, I bet there are people saying that about me.) Anyway, back to a generation that isn't me. Stupid kids. Too much t.v. and internet. (Uh, okay, right.)


Th. said...


I'm not sure I'm comfortable with Prime Rib Day and Hairball Awareness Day being the same day.

In fact, I find it wildly disturbing.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

I don't think that cows have enough hair to create hairballs, but you are right, it is unappetizing.

Master Fob said...

We're in the land of cheap prime rib, but alas we did not partake. Foxy had a chicken fried steak, though.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

Yeah for chicken fried steak! I didn't have prime rib either. I had sushi, and it was sushi with tobiko which is my favorite. I love the tiny eggs popping in my mouth.