Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Decide To Be Married Day, Happy Birthday To You Day, June 27th

So, I had this post written, and then it all disappeared.

I would have tried to recreate it, but then I had a wanted to make Ginger Snaps.

I used to have a recipe, but I can't find it... any place. It wasn't just any Ginger Snap recipe; I had perfected it over several years so they were perfectly spiced, and soft, and yummy. I don't have a back-up copy anywhere else.

Double sob!

Decide To Be Married Day

Apparently, you can just decide.

Happy Birthday To You Day

The rumors are true, the Happy Birthday Song is copyrighted. And watch out, there is a grassroots organization who apparently cares about that copyright, and will tell on you if you violate it. According to Wikipedia there is a verse that the birthday person is supposed to sing back.

Sorry, this was not my best effort. It was better the first time. Now I am going feel sorry for myself over my lost recipe.

Sniffle and sob.


Briam said...

This may be a stupid question and/or one you've gotten before, but once you make ginger snaps soft, don't you have to change the name?

Absent-minded Secretary said...

I suppose. I guess I can call them Ginger Cookies. It just doesn't sound as snappy.

Josué said...

I think I would probably like a soft ginger snap. Usually ginger snaps just make me wish I was eating a snickerdoodle.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

I am mostly disappointed by snickerdoodles. I like them dry and crumbly, not soft, and most people forget to put the cream of tartar in. It ends up just a sugar cookie with cinnamon on top, which can be good, it's just not a snickerdoodle.