Thursday, June 15, 2006

Recess at Work Day, June 15th

Recess at Work Day

If we are not careful, work can overcome our entire lives. It can become the only source of our conversation. We can spend all of our free time there, and eventually, our only friends are our co-workers.

To avoid this, we must remember to take an occasional recess at work. It doesn't have to be a big well organized recess with kickball and whistle blowing, just do what you need to do to be in your happy place, your recess.

If I could, I would really like to take my 5 minutes of extra recess now. Well, I actually know that I can't, because of the amazing amounts of text that I have to create before the end of the day, so one of my loyal readers will have to take my recess time for me. I would like to thank Josué for granting me the extra five minutes, because it gave me something extra nice to blog about for Recess at Work Day.

Wahoo for recess!

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