Friday, June 2, 2006

Leave the Office Early Day, June 2nd

Leave the Office Early Day

Two things that are really hard for me to do: leave the office when there is work to do, and going to bed on time. I blame my parents for both of these faults. Because I was the oldest child, the called me the "experimental child." One of the things that they experimented with was sending me to bed before I was tired. Way before I was tired, just to have me go to bed at a convienent time for them. I responded by dancing in my room, acting out scenes from Star Wars and Star Trek, (I don't have sisters, just brothers, my movie choices were limited) and making up my own stories for them and running to turn off my bedroom light whenever I heard my parents walking down the hallway.

When I learned to read books with chapters, I told my parents that I was afraid of the dark so that I could have two nightlights so I could read by them. When they figured that out, I had my brother jimmy a light-up yo-yo into a lighting tool for me to read under my covers.

Finally, in junior high my parents realized the nightly bedtime struggle wasn't worth it, so they gave me the rule that as long as I stayed on Honor Roll, I could choose my own bedtime. WOW. That was freedom for a 12 year old. I could stay up to midnight if I wanted, but I also knew that to stay on honor roll I had to be awake at and ontime to classes. My staying up late became homework, and extra credit, and more reading, no more dancing and acting out sci-fi television in my darkened room. Homework was fun, because it helped justify my staying up late.

Yes, I am weird. I am trying to understand myself why I am up an hour past my self-set-because-I-love-sleep-bedtime, blogging, especially when I have to go to work tomorrow, and normally it would be a day off. Yes, I am going to work on a day that I am not supposed to work. I suck. Especially since it is Leave the Office Early Day

There is this article about Capping the Workday at Eight Hours. It gives reasons how and why we should do it, with lots of statistics and stuff.

This CNN article talks about a Microsoft Study that shows that we are only productive three working days a week.

I just want to know why I have had a boring week this week, after a crazy insane month, and then this morning while I took some time off to attend a funeral, all hell broke out again, and to fix it I have to work on my day off. Again. I could say no... but then I wouldn't be on honor roll. I have to be the teacher's pet or I will not feel good about myself, and I won't be able to allow myself to stay up late and play later.

Exactly when will I be free from parental influences?

I am too tired to be blogging. I know that this is going to end up like the snail blog.

Someone just tell me to go to bed... and to Leave the Office Early.


Th. said...




I think this is why I was a horrible insomniac until my mission finally wore me out so much I could finally sleep with ease.

Master Fob said...

Did you leave the office early?

Tolkien Boy said...

I would happily leave the office early if I were gainfully employed...


Absent-minded Secretary said...

th: Word

Master Fob: Some might argue that I did not leave early since I worked 4 hours on a day that technically I was not supposed to work at all, but I was out of there at noon and the door swinging shut couldn't have caught an inch of my dust I was out of there so fast. :)

Tolkien Boy: Some day we all will be saying we knew you when you we TB to blogger and writing brilliant parodies of Dan Brown. Consider yourself gainfully employed in gaining readership for future publications. Right?