Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Email Week, June 11th-18th

In the parking lot at the restaurant where Edgy, Dec, Dec's mom and I ate, there was a car with a license plate frame that said "My other ride is your mom." Edgy and I briefly considered taking a picture but neither of us took out our cell phones to snap the picture. Had we expended the effort, we could have emailed the photo to our friends who enjoy "your mom" jokes.

While some of you might think this the lamest "your mom" story ever, really it's just a lame lead-in to the fact that it is Email Week, and we all should take a minute to email our friends and family and let them know we love them dearly, or that we think about them occasionally, or to ask them to stop sending us chain email.

So, if you are looking to fill some time this week, take a second and email a friend. I am sure they will be happy to hear from you.


Tolkien Boy said...

Master Fob and I recently saw a Mother's Day Baskin Robbins sign which read "Your mom wants a cake from us."

Merriment ensued.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

Master Fob sent me an email requesting that I stop sending him chain mail, and I didn't really get the joke until just now, (and I am going to claim it was because I read it at work and was thinking about work things, because I am a dedicated worker, but really, sometimes I am a bit slow) but then I got all self conscious that I wrote "chain mail" on the blog entry instead of "chain email" and I had to make sure that I didn't blog "chain mail", but I then I thought it would have been a funny mistake and I could claim that I was just trying to be clever if I had made the mistake, but really, all the clever props need to go to Master Fob.

Your Mom wants cake! Ha!