Saturday, June 17, 2006

Stewart's Root Beer Day, Eat Your Vegetables Day, June 17th

Stewart's Root Beer Day

Happy Stewart's Root Beer Day! Personally, my favorite individually bottled root beer is Henry Weinhard's Root Beer (which is a northwest favorite- love the vanilla flavor) or Virgil's Original Root Beer(which can be found at most any health food store). Virgil's is especially nice if you are looking for something that doesn't have any preservatives or artificial flavors, but it is a bit spicy... and different... from your average root beer. They even clarify that they are gluten free on their website. But, take care if you are driving while drinking from a Virgil's bottle, an overzealous police officer might take it in his head to pull you over for violating the Open Root Beer Bottle Law. (Utah is a bit more strict with their root beer laws than your average state.) Which if it happens if front of your office, will cause your co-workers to tease you for at least a week about your lunch-time indulgences.

Anyway, since it is Stewart's Root Beer Day, I guess we should get back to Stewart's Root Beer. It's too sweet. Sorry. I will stop with my opinions. Some people have shrines to Stewart's Root Beer. Or you can find recipes specifically designed for all of Stewart's Sodas here. Or if you want a wider assortment of recipes that use root beer, but not necessarily Stewart's, check this page out. It even has Root Beer Fudge (by the way, yesterday was Fudge Day but I didn't tell you because fudge makes my teeth itch) and Pulled Pork with Root Beer Barbecue Sauce. Although, I think the Root Beer Jelly is going too far. If you want Virgil's Root Beer recipes, go here.

Eat Your Vegetables Day

I'm sorry, I wish I could properly encourage everyone to eat their vegetables today, but it's Strawberry Days, and I have a new baby to go visit, so I am going to eat lots of strawberries, and kiss babies, and talk baby talk, and pick up some Stewart's for the other kiddies so I can maintain my position of favorite faux-aunt. So, here is a half-hearted "eat your vegetables." I hope you all feel encouraged.

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Th. said...


I agree with your Henry's choice, but when I was in Utah I grew to truly love a brand--I forget its name--started with a B--but expecially their birch beer.

Check Macey's.