Monday, June 26, 2006

Soilent Green Is Fuel Money?

I know that gas is getting expensive, but it seems a bit out of control that one could actually pay for gas with people. Although, the way this woman did it seems like a perfectly passive-agressive way to break up with someone.

"Gas too high? Take a friend to fill up
May 19, 2006, MUNCHBERG, Germany (UPI) -- Gas prices have led to all sorts of desperate schemes, including a Saxon woman who left an unwitting friend at a station for collateral but never returned.

The woman told a Munchberg, Bavaria, gas station attendant she would head to the bank for money and return to pay. Although the station`s policy was cash up front, the customer was allowed to leave her friend behind as a security measure, Deutsche Welle reported.

Two hours later, however, she had not returned. Her so-called 'friend' was probably not an accomplice, police investigations determined. It was later discovered the woman had left girlfriends at gas stations strung across the country.

Her patient friend finally took the bus home." (Copyright 2006 by United Press International)


Tolkien Boy said...

Oh, dear. What an evil woman.

Um...Absent, would you mind coming with me to run some errands? I was thinking of filling up my tank...

Absent-minded Secretary said...

Let me think about that for a moment.

Briam said...

Or you could just leave your car as collateral and run off with the gas.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

I'm sure that wouldn't feel as rebellious.

Th. said...


Oh my goodness.... Several times??? Don't her friends know each other?!?!

Absent-minded Secretary said...

My theory is that either the friends didn't know each other, or just vaguely know of each other like my friends. Edgy has been roommates with a boy that my friend LL dated, so my dear friend LL is aware of Edgy and they have met, but they aren't friends exactly. Edgy used to work with a girl who is the sister of a friend of mine. I hang out quite often with Edgy's co-worker, and her husband via my friend, we'll call my friend Conversation Babe. Conversation Babe and Edgy know each other and hear a lot about each other, but they aren't friends. LL and Conversation Babe were only friends through me, and when LL moved to California, they haven't stayed in contact.

Let's say that I decided to turn the tables on Tolkien Boy, who offered to take me on a gas buying errand. Let's say instead of him leaving me, I leave him at the gas station. Tolkien Boy would most decidedly tell Edgy, Master Fob, and the whole Fob clan about the incident, and perhap blog about it.

I predict the story would not go any further then that circle, and I would still have the ability to buy gas with LL, and Conversation Babe, unless Edgy decided to warn them through the connections he has with them. Edgy's former roommate who was LL's former boyfriend, and Edgy's former coworker who is Conversation Babe's sister. But, I happen to think that Edgy would rather just watch and see how far I would go with my scheme, and he once did with a potato, tailpipe, and a curly haired archenemy.