Monday, June 26, 2006

National Chocolate Pudding Day, Toothbrush Anniversary, June 26th

National Chocolate Pudding Day

Yeah for pudding! Saturday night, after seeing a movie with a friend, we stopped by the Applebee's in American Fork to have a desserty thing that was cake and pudding all mixed up together. We had this really nice attentive waiter who sat down with us and helped us decide what we wanted. He was tall.

After the waiter left us alone with our chocolate-pudding-cake we realized why he was being so attentive. The boys in the booth behind me were drunk. Completely smashed.

I think that I am a pretty tolerant girl, but when fingers know start playing in my hair and almost down my shirt, and we haven't been properly introduced, I really have personal space issues. Moving to the edge of the bench didn't work. Giving "the eye" didn't work, and I think that I have a killer look. (I think that I can only give an effective "killer look" when I am at the office. Social situations, I just am not comfortable enough in my skin to give the you-will-wither-up-and-die-now look.)

They thought that they were making us feel special, the stupid rednecks, and they were totally rednecks, so I just really felt sorry for them. They had no idea that they were trying to woo two girls with English Degrees, (we were in American Fork) and crude descriptions of our anatomy and what they wanted to do to it was just not going to cut it on any level with us. English majors are woo'd by poetry, deep thoughts, and smooth talking, boys. Good kissing works too, but these boys were so drunk I doubt they could have found our mouths, and that's not where they were looking anyway.

So, we left without finishing our chocolatey puddingy cakey thing. It was so sad, just sitting there on the table half eaten. We wanted to get on the road safely before they did.

I felt really sad for the poor nice waiter. He was so apologetic as he walked us out, and he offered us another chocolate-pudding-cake-thingy, if we promised to come back.

Toothbrush Anniversary

Yeah for toothbrushes! Toothbrushes were invented today in China in 1498.

I for one am very happy that toothbrushes have been around so long. I hope that they are around for a very long time. I hope that that if technology ever phases out toothbrushes, that they are replaced with something better, something that will reduce waste, and something that will still keep the pearly whites pearly white. 'Cause good teeth, we like 'em.


Will said...

mmmmmmm, pudding day! Yay for pudding, but thumbs down to drunken rednecks with no manners.

FoxyJ said...

Maybe I will make some chocolate pudding, but only if we all brush our teeth well afterwards. Master Fob celebrated toothbrush day by going in for his first dental checkup in 5 years. Yay for his teeth!