Wednesday, May 3, 2006


Since I seem to be having a bout of insomnia, I think that I am going to pre-celebrate friends tonight, instead of waiting until the last week of May, National New Friends Old Friends Week. `I really like friends. I was thinking about it a lot today. Last week at the Blog Party I got to meet some new friends, but not as many as I should have. I can be a bit shy and I latch on to people who I at least think will want to talk to me. FoxyJ probably wondered why I was following her around until Edgy got there. Although, I did find S-Boogie's conversation regarding music and cookies delightful, and I met Svoid, uncle of S-Boogie, who I will always consider one of the coolest people I have met, because he told me that I look much younger than 31. What a sweet talker. And he has a goatee. I like goatees.

I was quite excited to meet Theric, and Lady Steed, and I didn't formally meet Big O, but the little flashes of blond hair bobbing around the yard were adorable. (And though Theric did complain a bit that I didn't stay long enough to talk, I was there for two hours. He just wasn't there when I was there.)

I believe that I met Editorgirl, and Jessica Bennet, and there was another girl who was very nice whose name I have forgotten, and Ambrosia , and Tolkien Boy was there, whom I have met before, but I don't think that he remembers who I am, and that's okay, there were lots of people both times he has met me. I stood next to Cicada who I wanted to tap on the shoulder and tell her that I love reading her blog because she is so funny, but, I felt a little weird about interrupting both of our conversations to do that, so I didn't meet her. There were also four guys that I met, that I kept not being able to connect their real names to their blogs, so I feel stupid that I can't name them here. And if any of them read this, (I don't think they do) I sincerely apologize for my poor proper-name-to-blog-name memory.

So there we are for new friends, and now I must get around to putting new links up on my side bar. And many thanks to Master Fob and FoxyJ for hosting such a wonderful bash.

On to old friends. Thursday, my BFF (girl version) LL came to visit from California. This was the first time that we have been able to see each other since she got married. Five minutes after she got to my apartment, I locked us out of it. Good times. We just wanted to feel like we were in a teen mystery novel, (we are still under negotiations on whether Nancy Drew or Trixie Belden is the better teen detective) and wanted to start of with the right sort of adventurous tone. It was a planned lock-out. I wanted to give the maintenance man $25 to let us back into my apartment. But, we both kept our humors despite the wait and our hunger and the calling of the sushi restaurant... everything eventually worked out. (We didn't have any mysterious strangers listening to our conversation at the restaurant, and there weren't any men dressed in shabby suits who approached us at the store afterwards. Although, we did have a cashier who had gave us a lot of personal information, that may or may not become relevant in the future... we shall see. It depends on whether or not LL's luggage was switched while we were sleeping, or if there was a mysterious package left on her front seat when she left my house the next morning. I haven't hear from her yet...) When we got home we had ice cream with magic shell, and talked forever, and the watched a movie, and then talked some more.

We got to bed about 4am. I didn't have to go to work the next day, but that didn't stop my boss from accidentally calling me at 7am when he put his phone in his pocket. Anyway, I didn't get up after he called. I won't share when we got up, but I ended up talking off poor Miss LL's ears for the rest of the day, and she had stuff that she needed to get done.

I just love friends that you think that you have talked in and out and though every possible topic with, and yet there is still so much more that you can cover. One of the things that makes LL so easy to talk to is what her brother Briam calls her effervescence. LL makes everyone happy who is lucky enough to be with her. But she has a dark but witty side; you can see it here where she guest blogged on Briam's blog.

And the insomnia continues... and so do the friend stories.

As I was on my way home from work today, it was one of those days where you need to listen to your music really loudly and jam out in your car on the way home in order to completely de-stress from the day, I was really rocking out in my car. Way more than usual. But, because I live in Pleasant Grove, I kind of feel that I have this bubble of anonymity around me. I can go to the grocery store in sweats and no make up, because I will not run into anyone I know. Everyone I know lives in Draper, Provo, Spanish Fork, or Bountiful, or Ogden, or Cedar Hills. (Alright, I know I should have just said somewhere else instead of listing all the possibilities, it's 2am, give me a break.)

Anyway, I am completely rocking out in my car driving down Geneva Road, and my phone beeps with a little text message. I look at it. I don't recognize the phone number. I read the message: "I can see you." Umm. Scary! But, not too scary. It would have been much worse if I had been alone in my apartment instead of driving at 50 miles per hour down Geneva Road. I look around, and don't see anyone I know behind me or to the sides of me. So, I figure that I got the message accidentally. Then I got a second one: "Can you see me?" So, I look around again, and I see him. In the truck in front of me is a guy I knew from a BYU Singles Ward that I attended like, 5 years ago. I haven't heard or seen him in years. I did think it was funny that he still had my phone number in his cell. Kinda embarrassing that he saw me car-dancing, but oh, well. It was fun to know that I had a friend on the road, even if my bubble of anonymity seems to have been broken.

Yes, friends, old, new, and even car friends are good. Friends who live near are sometimes the best. They can answer an emergency call in just a few seconds. Everyone needs at least one friend that will always be there for them through thick and thin. I am very lucky to have several.

Even though I really, really like living by myself, I do occasionally miss having generalized companionship, just having someone to talk about my day with when I get home from work, and all that type of stuff. Anyway, I had dinner with some close friends on Sunday, who also happen to be some of my nearest friends, and so my most frequently visited (for me), and I realized how much I love having them so close. But, now they are planning on moving. And I am sad. I am going to miss the availability and accessibility (even if it's just the theoretical nearness) of them when they move. I know that it will be a good move for them, and I support them, and will be happy for them when they find the perfect home. But right now I am going to pout, because I am anticipating seeing less of my dear friends. I will get into a more supportive frame of mind. And helping them move will probably make up for any excessive pouting on my part.

But, I think that I have nearly written my way out of my insomnia. It's now 3am, and my eyes are heavy. Time for bed, gotta be at work in four and a half hours. Wahoo!!


Master Fob said...

The many happy friend gatherings I had last week made me want to write this post, but I never got around to it. That and I don't know LL, and I don't have a cell phone for people to tell me when they see me car rocking. So thanks for writing it for me.

I think the nice girl was Kirsa and there's a good chance that at least a couple of the guys you were talking to didn't have blogs for you to connect them to. There were a few blogless freaks at the party.

The nice thing about blog parties for me is that because I'm the host people come and talk to me, so I don't have to make any effort to overcome my antisocial tendencies.

And speaking of friends, when are we coming over for dinner?

Absent-minded Secretary said...

Master Fob! I think that you are right! I think it was Kirsa! You are right about being host, it is nice because you know everyone, usually. Which means it's time for me to play hostess! This weekend is kinda shot for me, there is a very special birthday, and my aunt has requested my presence for a movie night because she loves me, so how about next weekend? Friday? Saturday?

Master Fob said...

Next weekend sounds great. I work Friday nights so Saturday is better for us.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

Saturday will be great!

edgy killer bunny said...

Not to be too picky or anything, but if you're making a post about friends during the Month o' Edgy (I just added the apostrophe because it makes it that much cooler), there are not nearly enough references to Edgy. Just the vague reference to Edgy and Dec in that last paragraph there. Which is a good paragraph, don't get me wrong. And we were thrilled to spend time with you on Sunday, even if I was a bit surly. Even so, there should be much, much more about Edgy during the Month o' Edgy.

Master Fob said...

I suspected that was an Edgy and Dec reference in that last paragraph. The "my eyes are heavy" part gave it away.

Th. said...


Yes, I'm sure it was Kirsa you're thinking of. And the four guys? I think I know who you mean and three did not have blogs. Since you mentioned Tolkein Boy, I'm pritty sure the fourth must have been Asmond. But maybe not.

And thank you for telling me that particular brother was Svoid. I did not know.

edgy killer bunny said...

Oh, Fobby . . . Stop being a twit. Fine . . . the penultimate paragraph is about me. That doesn't change the fact that there should be considerably more references to Edgy during the Month o' Edgy.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

Whew, that solves that problem. I was beinging to think that those words did not mean what I thought that they meant.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

Or that there was a double meaning in that.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

Can I share that two sleeping pills makes for a very groggy girl. No blog tonight... and no insomnia tonight. Yeah!

Meanwhile... edgy, edgy, edgy, edgy, edgy, edgy, edgy, edgy, edgy, edgy, edgy, edgy, edgy, edgy, edgy, edgy, edgy, edgy, edgy, edgy, edgy, edgy, edgy, edgy, edgy, edgy, edgy, edgy, edgy, edgy, edgy, edgy,

LL said...

Aaw! I just swiped Dodgers' powerbook (mine's in a coma) and was able to check out your blog for the first time in weeks. Thanks for what you said! It's so beautiful that you will lie to your other friends about me! I had a great time with you. You most certainly did not talk my ear off, and I had not idea that lock-out was planned! How unceasingly clever and inexplicably odd you are!
In conclusion, I am grateful for my friend, AMS.
And Nancy Drew is number 1.