Sunday, May 7, 2006

Paste Up Day, National Roast Leg of Lamb Day, Scale Day, Edgy Killer Bunny Day, May 7th

Paste Up Day

According to this site, Paste Up Day "honors people who paste up newspapers, magazines, books, and other printed materials."

National Roast Leg of Lamb Day

I am not sure what I would do with a Lamb's Leg if someone gave one to me. It's definitely not a piece of meat that I long for, or that I can cook by just opening up my spice drawer, like chicken. So, if you are like me and lamb is foreign territory, but you still want to celebrate National Roast Leg of Lamb Day, start here. That pretty well explains how to choose, season and roast a Leg of Lamb. Poor lamb.

Scale Day

Can I share how un-right I think it is that the day after No Diet Day, we have Scale Day? Just plain wrong.

Edgy Killer Bunny Day

Without Edgy-dear, there would not be an Almanac; blogging would have been a passing fancy that would have just lasted about five minutes and no-one would have ever even known that I had blogged, other than the boy who helped me set up the blog, which wasn't Edgy, and that boy doesn't even read my blog anymore. (I think. He has at least stopped commenting.)

Anyway, Edgy is wonderful because he thinks of me enough to make online articles into PDF files so that I can keep electronic copies of them. He makes me drink water. He makes me think about applying for jobs that I deserve. He picks me up when I crash my car. He waits until I am ready to go to the emegency room after the accident, and sits in the emergency room with me, never once reminding me that if I had not ignored his suggestion to go to the emergency room immediately after the car accident we would be home by now. He is happy for me when I get kisses. He calls people ninnys when they are being stupid and I complain about them to him.

Edgy is my BFF (male version). Every one of the most important people in my life I can remember the first time that we met, and the same is true with Edgy. We were being loud and obnoxious in Sunday School. So loud and obnoxious that the boy I was crushing on at the time asked me if I had fun flirting with my new boyfriend. (Which I will forever claim means the boy was jealous, no matter what he denies. He had a tone.)

After we met, there was one Sunday I had a bad day with my Multiple Sclerosis and I asked Edgy for some help, and gave a brief explanation of why I needed it. Usually when I tell people that I have M.S. they flinch, they look away, they look disappointed or somehow repelled. There is a traceable sort of rejection in their eyes, even if it's just fear of the unknown. It is a negative reaction that I have to brace myself for. It wasn't there in Edgy's eyes. He immediately hugged me. That's when I realized that he was one of the best, most wonderful people in the world.

So, you see, Edgy is the source of many, many good things in my life. I am very happy to celebrate a Day O'Edgy, and a Month O'Edgy.


Absent-minded Secretary said...

Oh and it's my brother's birthday today too. But he didn't acknowledge my birthday this year, and he doesn't even read my blog, so that's why we don't have a celebration of Cute JAH, father of Cute Niece. But if he does ever read this... Happy birthday JAH.

Master Fob said...

Jah is your brother? I didn't even know you were a Rastafarian.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

Well, I just wasn't being very creative with a pseudonym. JAH are his initials.

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